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Thread: Presents!

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    Re: Presents!

    I bought a Loreena McKennitt CD to my sister and DVD to my father.

    A 4 GB USB key to a friend.

    DDR Extreme to another friend.

    Beyond Good & Evil to another friend

    incense (or something similar) to my dad's girlfriend

    And one or two more things....I'm poor now.
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    Re: Presents!

    A dress from David Jones, and a massive box of Ferrero Rocher for my best friend. She's insanely in love with them.

    A doll house for my little sister. She broke her current one a few days ago. That's hiding under my bed right now.

    A set of rollerblades for my little bro. The kid can never sit still.

    A gold bracelet with "Merry Christmas Mum" engraved on it. For my mum, obviously. xD

    And that's all I'm giving out this Christmas.

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    Re: Presents!

    hmm i bought my mom a new perfume (chanel). my sisters a chanel bag for each...my kid wanted a new pair of boots and bowling shoes...(pretty expensive but its okay)....bmy brother a new psp....

    now that i have my list down for my family i haven't bought myself one .....now i don't know what to buy for myself this year....sniffs...
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    Re: Presents!

    Well, plans for my presents just went out the window. My dad, getting something from behind my desk, moved my computer tower and some how managed to cause something to hit the Video card fan, shattering two of the blades.

    Its sad how a 200 dollar video card can be redered useless by 2 cents worth of plastic.

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    Re: Presents!

    Quote Originally Posted by Hassun View Post
    The annoying thing about getting older is that now instead of getting presents I need to GIVE other people presents.


    As for buying things? I buying tons of cigarettes for my smoking buddies;

    Sadly I can't buy them till my 19th birthday, and that's four days before Christmas. Do you Catch my delima?
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    Re: Presents!

    Oh gosh.. it's real hard thinking about what to get my buds. Especially cause I'm so damn poor right now.

    Sensitive skin lotion from Zellers (cause I get my discount)
    A mickey of vodka
    A pipe
    Skate bearings (barrings?)
    Gram of BC shit
    Tim Horton's stuff

    and that's my list. Most of the stuff was under $20 bucks. Except the skate stuff.. that garbage would have cost me like 130 bucks so I cheaped out and just got the bearings.. which was still 40 dollars. Plus I made them all silly cards!
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    Re: Presents!

    I'm very picky person when it comes to gifts......
    I usually buy wallets but, this year I want more cute !!!!

    (Christmas Time Is Here)

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    Re: Presents!

    I strated shopping a while back actually. I started out with people who I KNOW what to get for them. Like a few of my family members who just told me and who I had a good guess about. I got my mom a new mp3 player so she can stop borrowing mine. My uncle I got the new Tiger Woods 2009 for PS2. They were pretty easy.

    Then I went to the people i have some idea what to get. Like my coworker, I got her a new Boston hoodie that she's been drooling over for as long as I've known her. Its black and pink. I know she'll like it. Then I got Kimi a box set that we discussed and that she has probably forgotten about. But I'm getting it for her anyway.

    And last but not least, my boyfriend and a few of my other close friends. My boyfriend is a PAIN to find stuff for becuase he won't ask for anything but one and I've already got that. My other friends keep saying I don't have to get anything but I want to anyway so I'm currently searching for crap to get them.

    And thats my complete shopping list.

    Our love will go on until the end of time. I will always be yours and you will be mine.

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