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Thread: Quick question about dogs.

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    Re: Quick question about dogs.

    Besides Miroku's point about scent, it depends on the breed and what they're used to. A husky may look and stick his head out of a car's window because of its breed's natural fascination for travelling, a bloodhound may do it because of its amazement with scent, some chow-chows may never do it at all because chows are reserved breeds which prefers laying down and staying at one place rather than travelling and smelling things, any protective dog like a bullmastiff may be doing it for the safety of its master and what it considers to be its family.

    Some dogs are used to tight spaces, if a dog almost lived its entire life in a cage if you let it go it will run around wildly. If you bring a dog like that with you in one of your travels, expect it to be enthusiastic in seeing new places thus doing the head-out-of-the-window thingie.

    Let's take a look at ourselves for example, some people would prefer to sleep in their travels, some would prefer to play games on their way to their destination, some would prefer to enjoy the view, yadda yadda. Same goes for dogs, they have their preferences to y'know. A lot of dogs will stick its head out of the window but believe me, not all dogs do it for the same reason.

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    Re: Quick question about dogs.

    it may also be a gene thing like a thing that animals do instinctively... well mybe because dogs have been with us so long they have started to get use to the life of humans... if that makes scence... they just know mybe that if they do something then they can get something or get an enjoyment... like some hourses I know of... they would turn to the fence of the feild thinking if they did this they had to do less work and I would get off of it...
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