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Thread: That Quirky habit

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    Re: That Quirky habit

    I remember a few more habits.

    Well, one of them I stopped doing recently.
    That one would be... keeping sharp things near me at all times.
    I always thought to myself "be ready for anything", and that included attacks from people.
    My bed would have a dagger underneath it, there'd be a blade (with no handle) in one of my drawers, a knife hidden behind an object in my room, several knives hidden underneath several objects throughout my room, and a sword on the far end of my room.
    I would practice constantly reaching for one of the blades, countering any encounter from any side of my room.

    ---outside of my room was a different story. My jacket and backpack would have several needles stabbed into in-perceivable spots, easy to reach, nearly impossible to detect unless you'd know where they were.
    I'd practice constantly removing them and putting them back in throughout the day.
    ...and er, I believe I used to keep a throwing dagger in my shoe?
    Let's not forget the sharpened charms I'd have hanging off my accessories.
    Oh, and my claw-like nails. Sharpened to a fine tip.
    And obviously my switchblades. Different sorts, different pockets.

    I stopped that habit after too many close calls with cops in my area. Heck, most of the stuff I had on my body was illegal (my switchblades weren't exactly the legal size or shape)!
    I eventually stopped the whole "pointy things in the room" habit after my woman moved in with me... due to her being a tad clumsy, I DID NOT want her to accidentally kill herself tripping over something. >_____>;;

    Oh, and my nails are often dulled down nowadays... due to my family always complaining about them. ^^;

    As for another habit?

    I don't look in anyone's eyes unless I want them to trust me.
    I don't like looking in people's eyes, too judgmental for me. Too open, too easy. So I never look directly into someone's eyes, usually stare slightly above it or slightly below it.

    Funny thing is, most times I stare into a person's eyes is when I want to make sure they believe my lie. I don't blink, don't twitch my eye, don't move my pupils, and don't make any shapes with my mouth. It's a learned habit.
    Honesty is the best policy, but it never worked well in my life - so I learned to lie better than most.
    I'm slowly learning to be more honest with people, but it's a hard habit to get back into --- lying kept me safe from hypocrites.

    Quote Originally Posted by Kiani Haki22 View Post
    My odd habit I would have to say is talking to myself. I will talk to myself at least once or twice a day. It calms and relaxes me and I don't know why. I guess it was because I use to talk to myself as a child or so my mom told me.
    It's a healthy habit, trust me. Those who start that habit too late in their lives often can't handle the pressures of life.

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    Re: That Quirky habit

    Well at least someone thinks it a healthy habit. People just think I am crazy lol!

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    Re: That Quirky habit

    I start too many e-mail address accounts. I had nine once... now I've cut it down to 2 and a half.

    I overplan things on my calendar then miss the events. :P

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    Re: That Quirky habit

    Listing a few...

    When I have nothing to do or am really nervous... I bite at my fingers. This of course is a habit I've stopped for the most part.

    Really unless I'm talking I chew on my bottom lip non-stop. Even now, while typing I'm chewing on my bottom lip...

    I tend to talk to myself and then eventually start to argue with myself... Quite funny if it's caught. Well my friends say so anyway...

    I crack my knuckles a lot too. Then that usually goes on before I start squirming and freaking out. It really only happens when I'm alone, in a space where I can't get out, or sitting down to long. (like school... it is torturous....)

    So that's a few...

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    Re: That Quirky habit

    I fidget. ...A lot! Like Soshi-kun, I can't sit still. My leg is always doing something when I sit down. Or I play with my hands. It's funny because when I'm at job interviews, I usually am nervous, so I have to act like I'm sitting still and keep my legs under a desk, so I can hide my fidgeting. LOL.

    I overuse "LOL" on occasion. And if I'm video chatting (skype, Y!M, etc.) I'll type "LOL" and won't smile 60% of the time. LOL (Crap, there I go again).

    I've been making this weird "Ffft" sound since I was seven. I tried for years not to do it and it just randomly came back this summer. >_< Horrible habit. I'm trying to quit that (I think it has something to do with my battle with cigarettes--trying to quit).

    Another quirky habit of mine is that I try to draw strangers on the bus and they look at me like I'm crazy. I get quite a bit of "WTF you starin' at, homey?" LOL. It's for a good cause though. I can't help it. I see someone and I just feel compelled to draw them. So, I try. I may actually start scanning my random people drawings. ^_^

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    Re: That Quirky habit

    I always think I hear voices and mess and I think I will get attack by a demon or evil spirit..I am very paranoid for a teenager lol

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    Re: That Quirky habit

    i talk to myself when i'm thinking.
    or say something completely random.
    In general, costumes are the first thing in life that let other people know who we are. They indicate who the person is without saying anything. - Molly Parker

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    Re: That Quirky habit

    Here are mine;
    -If I'm watching anything like tv, movie, ect. I have to keep my hands busy as well or else I become so bored I can't stand it (I'm actually doing it right now). I also have to have background noise
    -I don't know if you'd call it a habit but when I sleep I sing and talk all the time. Sometimes I even accidentally wake myself up by doing it.
    -Since I'm not really a big fan of chocolate so when I'm on my monthly I crave fruits and such. It's probably because I love being healthy.
    -I think out loud all the time to myself.
    -If I sleep by myself I can only fall asleep if I'm listening to something (music, tv, movie, ect). I despise silence. If I don't listen to something I wake up basically every second I'm starting to fall asleep because of some random noise.
    -I overthink everything 24/7. I'm always like okay if this happens this is how I need to react to it. I do because I don't always trust my natural instincts.

    I think that's all of them .
    I suppose Santa Claus doesn't go around delivering semi-automatics, extra mags, and cans of tear gas.

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