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Thread: Quotes of Disaster

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    Quotes of Disaster

    I thought that making a thread about all the quotes of disaster's here would make a good thread. Everyone is welcome to contribute quotes. These quotes make me lol!

    Quote Originally Posted by ZeRoGravity View Post
    I remember I watched a travelling eatery show and they were trying different food in China. They were eating dicks of an animal I don't remember. It was kinda small, lol. I asked my mom what it was at first and because she didn't want to tell me, I figure I can guess what it was judging from the shape. One of the host was a cute women too so it was kinda hot especially when she slurped it in lol.
    Quote Originally Posted by Naruto1988 View Post
    have any of u playeed Kingdom Hearts Bond of flames and Bgeeingin Of Flames if u havent then ur not a real kh fan its a import game and u are roxas and axel its roxas story while he weas in the orginization thats right i own it and u dont AHHH ha
    Quote Originally Posted by Naruto1988 View Post
    dude u wana back up off me dont u ever talk to me like that agin or about me you got it and first off i didnt by it my freind had it and gave it to me

    heres the truth...i dont own it my freind does he told me its a japenese import and i heart roxas in the background so iassumed he was tellin the truth bc his brother told me the same thing about it being a 2 disc game 1 is called the beinging of flames and the other is calleed bond of flames i just looked it up also and i didnt find anything about it which leads me to belive he lied i was planning on playing it soon thats y i said i played it i just heard about it so could you plz id appreciate it if u would BAD MOUTH me bc its not cool ....*Shodokan* just back off dude
    Quote Originally Posted by Shodokan View Post
    P.S. I had no idea you could say **** on this forum. I always assumed a highly moderated place like this would bleep it out or something.
    Quote Originally Posted by Shodokan View Post
    Anyone who participates in internet dating should be arrested for participating in nefarious activities.

    Now excuse me while I go hook up with this 14 year old girl I met on myspace.
    Quote Originally Posted by Shu View Post
    this statement alone proves your intelligence. now not only are you telling us online dating is good, but youre saying its better than real dating. smart.
    Quote Originally Posted by Shu View Post
    Also, youre not smater than me. you dont use and commas, your sentences often end ubrupty, and you spell word wrong. For example, you used "your" intstead of "youre" when telling me "your a fool"
    Quote Originally Posted by Mr.K
    I am not talking about under age Pregnancy.

    I am saying it in general.

    Is Pregnancy a bad thing. >.<||

    It seems like it. If not for women, anything can go wrong for the baby

    Discuss: Can it ever be Safe? Is it Safe?

    Question two: Can a womens thought affect a Baby, not in growth, but in Mind during Pregnancy?! o.o~

    Your thoughts really on this~ >.<||
    Quote Originally Posted by Shodokan
    What the hell kind of question is that. If women didn't get pregnant the human race would be extinct. Seriously not even a mentally retarded person would say somethingl stupid like that.
    Quote Originally Posted by Shodokan View Post
    I cut my wrist cause I think I have problems'

    I like to wear black but I'm not a goth'

    My face looks dead like a wide eyed corpse'

    I wear nail polish and eye liner just like a queer'

    I like linkin park cause they bitch more than me'

    I'm more sad than a third nation kid with aids'

    I'm so Emo
    Quote Originally Posted by princesslady View Post
    hi people. i have my boyfriend and i kinda read something of his and he has a friend who he thinks is sexy but im thinking that he might cheat on me but i want to trust him but he says they are only friends. but he didnt tell me but he said it in the thing i saw but anyway my question is, do you think your partner should be able to have friends of the opposite sex?
    Quote Originally Posted by princesslady
    this has been a topic so many times. but if i have too, gays should be able to marry but not have sex. thats how aids started i think. but it was spreading by men on the dl. nasty. how do they ..nvm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Re: Quotes of Disaster

    Yes while this is funny (somewhat) and it proves my point about some bad written posts, this is what we call FLAME bait and I can't let this get posted.

    if anyone wanna get mad at shodokan PM him don't post threads trying to get back at Shodokan.


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