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Thread: Rain or Shine?

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    Re: Rain or Shine?

    although i like both rain and sunshine i i have an eye condition so my eyesight is better if the sun is not too bright.

    i like the sun bec i can hit the beach on a perfect sunny weather.

    rain , well i love rain . my friends and i used to play under the rain on one or more occassions. as i grew older ( not that i am that old) i live in the pacific and where i am now, there are only two weathers rainy season and the bright sun stuff. rain would give me a reason to like cuddle up close to someone whether it's a guy i am seeing or just one of my friends of family while watching a movie or just stay in bed and listen to music and read a book.
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    Re: Rain or Shine?

    Rain is definitely cooler to me. Its more of a disturbing but relaxing feel. I sleep really well in it too lol. But i dunno, I guess i feel as though the rain fits my personality y'know?

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    Re: Rain or Shine?

    i love the rain. it is always very comforting and i love to go out and play in the rain. my friends and i used to run around and kick water on each other. ive had some of my best memories in the rain. whenever it rains, i usually find it to be a very nice day.

    i especially love it when it rains at night. the sound of raindrops constantly hitting the house is a very nice sound to go to sleep to. i usually open the windows before i go to sleep because the cool outside air is refreshing.

    the only problem is is that it is not raining much where i live right now so im sorta sad.

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    Re: Rain or Shine?

    I like the morning sunshine here in cold Oxnard. Gets my skin some vitamin D and puts lighting on the garden statues.

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    Re: Rain or Shine?

    It all depends on the mood I am in... If I want to just chill inside or something rain is the way to go or if I am trying to relax & go to sleep... If I am trying to hang in the streets or have a night out I like it to be dry so the sun is the way to go...

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    Re: Rain or Shine?

    After is rains and the air is fresh and when it shines right though the clouds.

    Kinda a both person, but it depends on the place. If in a city? Let is Rain. Like near a cafe, or in the car relaxing, but for shine. In a glass field, lazying[Laying] back, and relaxing, before a big spider comes and crawls all over me.

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    Re: Rain or Shine?

    I like the sun or shine sort of say..i mean when it shines outside ..its suppose to be a clear bright and wonderful day..and it makes u feel warm, bubbly and happy..but when there is rain..its like a cold,soft and dark damp day..and makes ppl sad..bored and depressed...
    im just a happy person..

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    Re: Rain or Shine?

    It seems that there are a lot of people who love rain.I guess it's all about the feelings that you get when you stare at all that water falling down and splashing all over everything.It's like rain can wash away all the pain and give a new start full of hope, because you know that after the rain the sun will shine. Or simply because it calms people and they can meditate better this way. I always have great ideas after the rain. I've always been in love with it. I was born in November and where I live there are always rainy days in this month.It reminds me of my true self and what I have to do to make all my dreams come true.And I guess all my best memories are connected to rain.
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