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Thread: RANT: Read Some Comics, You Japanophiles!

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    Re: RANT: Read Some Comics, You Japanophiles!

    Noticed someone mentioned Freakazoid earlier. Damn that was a silly/funny series...

    *starts running around arms streched forwards making constant whooshing noises...*

    Now where was I, oh yes...

    So they say all thing American & cartoon based is cr@p eh? OK, then ask them what's the song Homer Simpson thought up for Mr Plow, or what the Family Guy's baby is named & what he constantly does, or where the Evil Monkey lives, heck for that matter, just say to them "Oh my God, they killed Kenny!" & see how they react. I'd bet they could tell you in a heart beat the answers to all of those & more. And yet those didn't come out of Japan, did they...

    Actually, go & do it, then tell us what happens. I would love to find out if they expose any little hypocrisies with their replies...

    Oh, & while I remember,
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    Oh, and Hassun: you know that to most teenagers, anyone over the age of 18 is "old" and that differentiation beyond "old" is pointless :P
    I've mentioned my age a few times to teens, just to get that reply. I just tell them this, they still gotta get to my age, which they usually agree with. There's a reason we celebrate birthdays at my place. It's because it means we've survived another year. They've still yet to get as far as I have...

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    Re: RANT: Read Some Comics, You Japanophiles!

    I'll admit I used to be a bit like that. During the days when I was still addicted to DBZ and Inuyasha and was just beginning to become a serious anime fan. Everything that wasn't some sort of creation from Japan was somehow inferior and I still believe that most anime is a lot better than the programs showing now on television particularly reality shows (chill of disgust goes down spine).

    But that doesn't mean there isn't some worthwhile television programs (Mythbusters, Heroes, Supernanny, Wifeswap). As for comics, it's actually kind of hard for me to find those now. My town used to have a comic store but it burned down years ago. But my experience with American comics is limited so I can't really give an honest opinion.

    It still bothers me, too, when people call anime cartoons. I know that anime is technically cartoons but when I hear them called that I feel that anime is being put on the same level as The Grimm Adventures of Billy and Mandy or something along those lines and that's just wrong to me.

    But it seems to me that this sort of attitude comes primarily from new or young fans and over time just fades away. Keyword though is usually.
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    Re: RANT: Read Some Comics, You Japanophiles!

    This is actually a useful rant. I'm guessing there are a few Japan-elitists in this community, and this might knock some perspective into them.

    Ah, so you took a jab from ignorance. Heh, don't worry, I've felt the same thing too. Blew up and called them blasphemers for downcalling Wonder Woman, Batman, Scooby-Doo, and Steamboat Willie. Didn't bother mentioning Freakazoid, though. They seemed like the folk who wouldn't know who the lovable guy was.

    To me, the best way of curing bigotry like this is with Bugs Bunny. He's one of the icons of American animation, isn't he?
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