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Thread: Rated R

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    Re: Rated R

    I believe the proper title for this thread would be "Rated X."

    As for would I film my self having sex, I probably would not for many reasons. One of which is that I have a strong aversion to my self. I don’t even like looking at my self in the mirror, a photo, listening to my voice on a recorder, or being on video. It just makes me feel very uncomfortable. Secondly, and I have said this many times before, I believe sex is suppose to be special and sacred, the ultimate form of expression of love for one another and to enjoy of being as close with your love as possible. Thirdly, well, let’s just say it sounds very ego tisticle, but here I go... I am not a virgin and my ex who I was with for two years and was prepared to be engage with couldn’t believe it was my first time and could have swore that I had done the deed many times before. FACT!! She was my first everything. She had told me that she had been with other guys before we met and that when we finely shared each other, all of them were nothing by comparison to when we first did it... And the many other times after was even better then the last. She literaly checked, asking my friends and family, being very discreat about it when she asked my parents and my friends just laughed, saying they found it hard to believe that Kyle (me) would have sex with any one... Now weather or not she was honest about it, I really cant say for sure now after what happened that caused us to fall apart, even though letting me know when we did that she was honest about everything, even what she said and how she felt when we did share each other. Believe what you will, I don’t care, and I am not gloating as I don’t like to. Just saying what was said. I forgot to mention the point of my third reason and that is because, like what other people have said that they would do it so they can figure out how to do it better next time. But if what my ex told me was true, then there is no point in recording and "studding" because well... I am already really good at it.
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    Re: Rated R

    Wow..is this topic..even allowed..O.o ..lol ..hmm wow we have some freak's on this site,,^.-..lol..hmm would i..personally yeah..only for me and my hubby to watch together..to u know set the mood..lol..i would never show anyone or put it on net..

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    Re: Rated R

    i would say no to it because im to peranoid about how i look
    and stuff and it would be a big turn off becuase of that but
    it is an intresting thought , i dont really think it would improve
    on what i am best anyway lol so i wouldnt like i said.
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    Re: Rated R

    Rated R? More like Rated X...

    And yeah... I would never film myself doing the nasty UNLESS it was for my man, and my eyes only. But sure... Id watch it. And I love the idea of special effects!
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    Re: Rated R

    Ok...considering it was me...with my boyfriend...yeah. But not...me...by myself. That'd

    be...weird. I mean...different. EWWWWWW!!!! Although seeing my boyfriend would make

    it worth the initial grossness worth it.

    Our love will go on until the end of time. I will always be yours and you will be mine.

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    Re: Rated R

    And I always thought the human body was a thing of artistic perfection... (last time I ever talk to Art Students)

    I've had a few discussions about it, but nothing has ever actuallly happened which is fine with me. I'm not really too bothered, but some people seem to enjoy that sort of thing. I suppose it would be more for them than myself.

    The thing is you always hear horror stories about people doing this and losing the tape, or the wrong persons finds it or it ends up on the Web ect...

    As for the effects and editing
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    Re: Rated R

    me i would watch it becuase personally i am not to good but watching myself might help me get better
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    Re: Rated R

    no, no i dont really think i would.. it would be weird and kind of creepy to me. but that's just my opinion. i dont think id watch other people either.wow...

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