*Well here it is, I'm very sorry it took me a long time
but I had school and the final exams to do.
So ya so very sorry*(there's a dancing group on the bottom of this)

Here are some strategies for reading poetry,
When you read a poem, choose a strategy
that suits the poem and your purpose for
reading it.

Getting ready
Before you start to read a poem, look it over.
Find out how long it is, if it is divided into
stanzas, or if it has an unusual shap. Read
the title and think about what it suggest to
you. Scan the poem for words that catch
your attention.

Getting to know the poem
~Read the poem straight through at least
once to get a feel for it. Don't think too
much yet about it mean

~Pay attention to the punctuation as you
read. Pause briefly at commas, longer at
periods. If there's no punctuation at the
end of the line, keep right on reading.

~Listen to the sounds of the words. Read
all or part of the poem out loud. Think
about what feelings and ideas the
sounds suggest.

~Read the poem through slowly, this
time thinking about what it means.

~In a dictionary, look up any words that
you don't know.

~Try to see in your mind any pictures the
poet creates. (in my case I always add
pictures under the poems)

Getting into the poem
~List things that catch yout attention in
the poem: repetitions, comparisons,
rhymes, images, sounds. Describe the
effect they have on you as read.

~Picks one line that best represents what
you think the poem is about.

~Talk about the poem. Share your ideas
and questions about the poem.

~Listen to the tone of voice in the poem.
It may express an emotion or an attitude.
Is it teasing, serious, angry?

~Think about who is speaking in the
poem. some poets write in their own
voice, as if they were speaking. some
poets write as another person.

~Looke over the notes you have made and
read the poem once again. Have any of
your first ideas changes? What does the
poem mean to you? How does the
meaning you found compare to the
meaning found by others?