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Thread: Regrets

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    Re: Regrets

    I have regrets.... but only sorta. There are SOOOOOO many things in my life that have sucked. Things I KNOW I would never want to live through again. But all in all... I can't think of anything I would change.

    Given the circumstances... MY family and I have some pretty fair luck. Some real serious, life threatening things have come our way, and we've overcome them. Now... had something extremely horrible happened... like had a life been lost. THEN I would wish I could go back and omit whatever horrible scenario it was.... BUT so far we have survived, and come out stronger.
    ... Not Ever Again...

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    Re: Regrets

    I regret talking to and worrying about people who didn't give a rat's @ss about me, didn't listen and made me obsess about it. It was a real waste of time.

    I regret not speaking my mind and not telling them off. I was too complacent. Not that it would have mattered since they don't listen anyhow.

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    Re: Regrets

    Man i regret not taking action when my dad left me and my mom. I wish i could have knocked some sense into the guy.

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    Re: Regrets

    no metre how tofe or big you are ther will be simeting that you will regret

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    Re: Regrets

    hmm i regret moving to fl a little (well somedays) cuz i miss my family and im not close to them anymore ..but sometimes we got to do what we got to ...life sucks..then we end up learning the hard way..of the mistakes we make

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    Re: Regrets

    For three years i lived in this city that had some really nice and beautiful girls. But I never dated any one. I regret that more than anything.

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    Re: Regrets

    uhm..my latest regrets..i'm now in college and i failed geometry so i took it up twice then passed it but the next thing i failed is physics which gives me the possibility to be an irregular students or bad thing is..i might not be able to get comp. animation 3 this second sem. becoz of physics..

    my mom said " once is enough and twice is too much" that's why i have to do my best and quit being lazy..o_O i'm not really good at school. sucks.

    major regrets:

    i should've controlled myself in the past years..look at me now, i'm fat..
    i could've been thinner by now if i went on a diet back then..but i always fail(up to now).
    this is my worst regret for myself..

    i should've not involved myself in a relationship during my freshman year in college, i could've obeyed my parents than to disobey and lie to them for some guy that has broken my heart..(actually, my purpose was for me to have an experience..for once but now, i'm fed up. lol)

    i should've not tried smoking..i know, it's bad for me..and fortunately, i stopped myself from smoking..i'm good now

    that's all i think right now..

    "Never tell a man that you love him until he has declared his undying love for you."

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    Re: Regrets

    my greatest regret was shutting my mothr out of my life after she finally decided she wanted a son again
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