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Thread: Relationships

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    Re: Relationships

    Are you in one?: Yes

    How is it?: Its great!!

    Do you love yer partner?: yes i do.

    What do you like about them most?: she is caring and sweet. She has a mesmerizing voice.

    Relation Gender? female

    Name?: Kelsey

    Age?: 15

    Are you loyal the he/her? of course. i love her too much.
    never forget your past, for you may never know the future that lies ahead.

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    Re: Relationships

    Are you in one?: Yes

    How is it?: Passionate, Pleasurable, Painful.

    Do you love yer partner?: yes i do.

    What do you like about them most?: His eyes, his caring soul, his kindness

    Relation Gender? male

    Name?: Des

    Age?: Old enough

    Are you loyal the he/her? Yes. The first time I had real chemistry with someone.

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    Re: Relationships

    Are you in one?:YES

    How is it?:Yes

    Do you love yer partner?: YES

    What do you like about them most?: beautiful thougthfulness kind

    Relation Gender?: MALE!

    Name: search my freindster account!

    Age?: 13

    I loved her so much.... i would dare to risk my own life only to save her from dying....
    I loved my GF...

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    Re: Relationships

    Are you in one?: I'm in 4.
    • A gf.
    • A best friend.
    • A partner.
    • A soulmate.
    All happens to be with the same person.

    How is it?:
    • As a gf, she's a great gal. I'm proud to be her boyfriend and to have her as my girlfriend. I'm definitely plannin' to marry this girl, we'll make it through thick and thin. We may break some promises through stupidity, but we never break the most important ones we made to each other. She makes the best scrambled eggs.
    • As a best friend, it's coo~. Sometimes we have our bickers, but we make it up and it's never over something stupid. We can finish each other's sentences if we wanted to. She's awesome to hang out with.
    • As a partner, it's all worth it. She may screw up the plans we make, but hell, I'd rather not have anyone else by my side. We double-team every problem that arises and switch off to who's best fitted for the job. We compliment one another and make sure there's no weakness left unhandled. I trust her, even if it'll get me killed.
    • As a soulmate, it's... kinda' sad. Things always get in the way, trying to split our thoughts in half, taking us away from each other, making us worry over useless things. Many times we wish everyone and everything else would just go away... we're happy, we're complete, why do others have a problem with that? But it's okay, we'll get through it. We're intertwined, whether others like it or not.

    Do you love yer partner?: I do. But don't tell her that. If my partner finds out, she might be a little too distracted from doing her work. ...as partners, we try to keep it solely business. .......but that's not usually how it ends up.

    But yeah, I do love her. I love her infinitely. There's never a moment where I don't feel the same for her than I did before... well, maybe... there are the moments where my love does grow for her. And it only makes it better that I actually LIKE her as well. I'm genuinely interested in everything she has to say, and genuinely honest when I think what she's saying's stupid!

    What do you like about them most?: Have you ever seen those characters in movies? In games? In books? In comics? The innocent one... the one who doesn't know much about the world, but seems to be able to tell it like it is. Seems to understand much more about life than the geniuses who have spent years of study. Ever seen them or read about them?

    ...that's her, except, she's her. Not like them.
    I made it my personal goal to learn everything about a girl if I ever got into a relationship with them. In that sense, I can tell the difference between every girl I've ever met, no matter how plain or "typical" they are. ...it makes every woman and gal I've met special and unique. And in return for giving me their trust (no matter how short-lived it was), I tell them who they are and make them feel more alive than before... they realize who they are, and learn to like even their worst traits.

    ...but when I met this girl... she........... confused me...
    Every girl I've met had a "mark" on them. Something that said that the general populace, pop-culture, surrounding friends, media, traumatic experiences, propaganda, etc had affected them permanently. It was usually through these things that made them act like how they were, as if they were something more or less than who they really were.
    But this girl... she didn't have that. She honestly didn't have those traits at all, as if she never really absorbed anything.

    Because of this, she was so honest and sincere. There wasn't a lie within her eyes. It made a person like me feel ashamed for everything I've done.

    And even though I've shown her everything I knew, taught her all the lessons I've learned - she still was genuinely herself.
    I loved that about her... and I still do love that about her.
    Even though she's grown since I met her, she's still just as honest and just as loveable as before.

    What made it a permanent love for her, is that genuinely liked me for who I was. Flaws, and everything. Things I was ashamed of, she either comforted me or made us laugh about it. ...though there's never a single being on this Earth that's exactly like another, I can honestly say I cannot love anyone else more than I love this girl. We've connected so much more through the years, and it hasn't slowed down... I love her. With everything I have. With everything I am.

    Relation Gender?: Straight. Though if she were a guy, I'd be gay. Either way, I'm bisexual for her.

    Name?: Why?

    Age?: A year younger than me.

    Are you loyal the he/her?: Duh. And it's almost shockingly so: people find it rather odd that we NEVER get tired of each other. No matter how many days we spend cooped up with each other. ...there's only been a FEW (we're talking 4 at most) days within each year that we don't meet and hang out with each other, and that's for family reasons.

    Plans for the future?: Well, she wants to get married. So, we'll get married. But only when we're financially stable. I don't care much for marriage, it's only a title, true commitment doesn't need a ceremony. But hey, if it'll give us an excuse to get an awesome cake and wear fancy clothes while getting presents: I'll go with it.

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