Self respect 60 years ago: A self-respecting person would honour his family, thus bringing honour to himself. A self-respecting person would fix him or herself to be presentable so as not to look like a slob. A self-respecting person would stick to his or her values and morals to avoid tainting his or herself. A self respecting person would appreciate rather than discriminate.

That is my definition of a self-respecting person. But, I am realistic enough, so I know that very few people would meet up to these standards. I'm not saying that just because you wear Prada you are not respecting yourself. But 60 years ago was a different time. Things were simple. Sometimes, I wish it were that way, but face it: I can't live without my mp3.
Self-respect means loving the good parts of yourself and accepting the not-so-good as a part of you. Respecting yourself means that you have to respect others as well. I only wish that I could be half as nice as what I just typed. I just hope that this [long] post didn't sound churlish because I am typing this non-stop and I'm not going to proof-read it before I send this.
Okay, sorry this is long- I really didn't mean to write a novel here. Okay, I'm going to sleep now and the next time I post, I'll probably be a lot less weird- sounding.