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Thread: Retail or fastfood anyone?

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    Retail or fastfood anyone?

    I'm sure some of you have worked retail or at a fast food place in your days. Tell me your complaints and funny stories!

    Mine: I was working fitting rooms recently and saw what I thought to be a woman (a very manly woman) and a girl walk into a fitting room together and didn't think much of it. Before too long I heard the unquestionable noise of...*cough*. It was quite amusing to see them come staggering out and for a few days afterwards that room was "out of order."

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    Re: Retail or fastfood anyone?

    though i never worked at mcdonalds ive seen someone say they didnt get there drink and at counter siping on it and keep demanding to ask for the manger becuase they wont give her drink then when he does come she ask for a refill on the drink she was siping on{which was really the drink she was looking for}then 5 mintues later and some yelling she finaly noticed she had her drink

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