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Thread: Revenge

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    If someone has done wrong and i mean really bad but not too bad, not murder but betrayed destroyed you...or whatever. Would you belive in fair punishement also know as revenge!? I am guessing all of us have dealt a little revenge once in their lives but would you destroy someone because they destroyed you?

    I think i probably wouldn't i am not that sort of person and couldnt find myself to doing it, however in this case if someone is harsh yes i probably would because after some exstent i would break and divise and evil plot muhahahaa.

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    Re: Revenge

    oh yeah.......I am definitely the expert in getting my revenge......
    Of course...if it is nothing signicant I know that I will just let is pass by me and not even pay attention to it..
    But if it something like betrayal or even worse......there is nothing or nobody that can stop me from getting my revenge..and it does not have to me in any way physical like getting into a fight..there are many types of revenge that you can bestow on your enemy..and I found out the best one is to simply ex-communicate them from your life, from your friends life and from his or her friends life..because when they find themselves all alone........I know that they will come begging for forgiveness and that is the perfect time to turn them down and give them the shoulder...
    like they say...revenge is best served on a cold plate.....or something of that manner.........lol

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    Re: Revenge

    Ya you should get revenge. But try not to fight the person that takes all the fun out of it. What you should do is tear that person down emotionly, like spread rumors about the person(I never did this one but a lot of girls like to do it). You could always do something like make the person afraid without them knowing its you doing it. Such as get a friend put a weird note on that person desk. It has to be really creepy and scary to work. All it takes that one note and you know you won, but try not to be caught or else every one on school will think your a stalker or worse.
    So it all depends on how much you were hurt, but I advise you to stay away from the note suggestion unless your a freak(b\c this is what freaks do thats why it works so well) or you were hurt really baddly.
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    Re: Revenge

    Revenge really isn't worth it in my oppion. Yea, I can't say that I haven't gotten even with someone that has hurt me before. But in the end I have found out that doing nothing is better than striking back. If I can be kind to them after they have done something to me, it seems to make them feel really bad. It just really isn't worth wasting your time on someone and is alot easier and better for you if you can just forget what happened.

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    Re: Revenge

    Quote Originally Posted by fireandice View Post
    If I can be kind to them after they have done something to me, it seems to make them feel really bad.
    That's the kind of retribution that I always exact on someone who's wronged me. Works on everyone except for those truly numb, dead, and/or psychopathic.

    Why do you mean by "destroy"? Oh well. I'd just exaggerate how much those fools have ravaged me; make them feel guilty, oh-so guilty... If you have a known history of mental problems and then you just suddenly sink into a deep depression or numb out, then it can make them feel really bad. Really, really bad. However, if they've truly destroyed you, I doubt someone as mentally fragile as that I've mentioned can actually choose whether to be "sane" or not... If there actually is a way, let me know, will ya?

    Hah, have I gone too far again? Sorry, it's that sadistic side of me...

    But really, if a revenge costs too much, don't bother. You could use those resources for other things.
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    Re: Revenge

    I proably wouldn't,I don't think that revenge is the solution,striking back won't return back what u have lost, I usualy get a grip of myself & try to forgot about it.
    So just try to plant peace inside you & don't get angry to much or u'll grow older more quickly

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    Re: Revenge

    i have never think about Revenge ... if someone did something bad to me i never do the same thing to that person ..... i always say to myself that no need to do something bad and if i did something bad someday i will regret for that .....

    revenge like when the gun shot the bullet in the air and you don't know where this bullet will fall ..... =^_^=
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    Re: Revenge

    Revenge like in westerns and Video Games are never as good as it is in real life. you will almost always end up paying a bigger price after you exact your vengance than is worth it. however, i suppose if you have nothing left to lose, then it wouldnt bother you...

    as for me, a person who dislikes getting in trouble, i typically avoid "revenge". however, is something bad enough happens, i think that would be different.

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