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Thread: Role Model

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    Role Model

    Role model
    this is a place to discuss your role models.you can do as many as you want but you have to do 1 in each catagory.MUST EXPLAIN WHY

    Ao role model. As in active player my would be tsurara just to name one also because of here anime timeline and japanese lessons and here participation at Ao. Also Len Miyata< Legend< Hassun<Dragon Ball<trunks<Aceman67.And all the other mods and super mods

    Anime Role model: An Anime role model: Detective conan because of his wits

    Real life role model: Tite kubo his manga artwork also umm evol at Ao because his artwork

    So i wanna know who's yours

    great sig by Lasura thanks heaps

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    Re: Role Model

    I guess I'll give this a shot.

    AO Role Models: Trunks (surprising yes, this guy used to be dissed for being cool to the newbs in the forum, but his outreach was what probably balanced the arrogant attitude the old crew had), Gallcomp and Zui Quan, and those that make walls and fanarts.

    Anime Role Model: Hughes (FMA), Kurz (FMP), all those laid back wacky side characters.

    Real life: None.

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    Re: Role Model

    Oh!!! So role models would mean people you look up to? Like idols? ^^ Well ok...

    I don't actually have a real idol- someone I would really like to be like. Just because I think that my originallity bight be just about the one thing that makes me special and therefore I try to stay as I am ^^
    But here are the people I look up to:

    Anime Online role model: Divine_punishment bebause he's really nice and religious and yet cool and he's very intelligent too and knows exactly what he's going to be in the future ^^ so yeah!
    Then... Kuwi ^^ because she's just so optimistic! And brings light in on AO I find ^^ I would really liek to be that happy and so ^^

    Role Models in Anime? I don't think I really have one. But probably L, because he's just so damn smart... it's just amazing... Even if it's just an anime character.. .Someone had to write it all!!!

    Real life role models:
    My parents both together ^^ (I guess they fullfill each other) My mother because of her strength and intelligence and my dad because of how calm he always is and how nice he is...
    My girlfriend, Emma, because of her intelligence. I thought I was intelligent and serious for a teenager- never going to parties, always studying hard... well think again! Emma could stand near any 100 year old wise man!!!! And she's also very nice and caring ^^

    Well that's about it ^^

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    Re: Role Model

    Anime Online Model, hmm... Hard choice, but I guess Tsurara. She's taken the time to take Japanese lessons, work hard at it, and save up enough money to get to Japan. All of which I would like to do... And dang, she has so many scans, one of the major pillars of the Gallery Community if you ask me. And it'd be awesome if I had the games, books, manga, anime, and collectables she has. But I'm poor... Her posts are also of a quality to be admired. And I lreally fell for that one Flying SPaghetti Monster reference... So awesome.

    Anime Role model? It has to be... No, I can't think of anyone. Oh, wait... It either has to be among Lady Oscar, D'Eon de Beaumont, or Lia de Beaumont from Le Chevalier D'Eon. Lia and Oscar twist gender roles, and D'Eon... I don't know. Maybe I look up to his connections and the fact he's such a yummy androgyne.

    Real life role model? My uncle. He's a computer programmer, his pay, it's so high.. He's rich. Owns a mansion, and lives and works by himself. He's also a kind man, too. And I really, really want to live up to his wealth... and knowledge. That too. He's also the one who introduced me to The Sims...
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