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    RoundCon 2011


    QLP Productions and Low Country Anime and Gaming are proud to announce RoundCon 2011 – Anime and Gaming Expo! We took two great events and combined them into one special celebration of RoundCon’s 25th year!

    RoundCon 2011 will be held at the Marriott in downtown Columbia, South Carolina on February 18, 19 and 20. Members start at $30. Hotel rooms are $92.

    For a limited Time, Roundcon is offering a free anime DVD to all paid memberships! We have 100 different titles, but supplies are limited! Titles include Alien Nine, Dragon Ball Z, Revolutionary Girl Utena, Tenchi in Tokyo, Kiddy Grade , They Were 11, Legend of Lemnear, Shadow Star Narutaru and many more. *email removed*

    RoundCon is very pleased to host a complete anime programming track! It is so complete that it really should be a standalone anime convention. On the anime side of the programming RoundCon currently has the following to offer:

    AMV Contest
    Anime Viewing Room
    Anime Voice Actor Guests (to be announced soon!)
    Are You Smarter Than An Otaku? Game Show
    Cosplay Contest - Hosted by fan favorite Morgan Skye
    Costume Contest - Hosted by fan favorite Morgan Skye
    Costuming Workshops
    Costumed Themed Raves
    Guest Q&A Sessions

    Also new to RoundCon is our own Video Game Tournaments. Low Country Anime and Gaming is running the tournaments. At present we have Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (XBOX 360), Super Smash Brothers (Wii), and Golden Eye (N64). More titles will be added as we get closer to the convention date. We will also have open play.

    Anime is making a big splash this year but gamers can still count on a great selection of games like we have had in the past. RoundCon 2011 has the following offerings:

    Board Game Extravaganza
    Dungeons and Dragons 4th Edition Tournament
    Game Mastery Workshops
    Kids Track
    M:TG Tournaments
    Miniature Painting Contest
    Retro Games
    RoundCon Pod Racing Grand Prix
    RPGA Events
    Shadowrun Missions
    Warhammer 40K Tournament

    Guests this year include Faith Hunter, Misty Massey, Elysabeth Williams, Gamer Girl, Mike Kaczmarski, Christina Stiles, Joe Ketterer, Thor Thorvaldson, Jr and Sean McGuinness.

    You can register online at our website located at:
    *URL removed*
    -Sean Martinez
    RoundCon Coordinator
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    Re: RoundCon 2011

    if this is what you came to AO to do, I suggest you do it elsewhere

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