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Thread: Rude children

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    Rude children

    Alright I have a job to work with children to help them to be better in school. I am a tutor/teacher and I like the place I work but the children I am teaching some of them are so rude! I can't really do except say "behave" or "sit down and do your work!" I am not to fond of those children at all. (but for some reason they like me...wierd..) anyways who do we blame in this whole scheme of things? The children? The parents? or Television?

    I blame the parents and t.v. As a child what you learn is from things around you. The best term to use is monkey see, monkey do. They saw and then they copy. T.v. is only getting worst with some of the shows. The have no moral value and the children are only being corrupted.

    -When dealing with rude children, who do you blame?
    -Explain your views.
    ~thank you~

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    Re: Rude children

    mm i blame the parents. they let their children watch the tv.
    the tv people can make whatever they want as long as they have a warning but if the
    parent allows the child to watch it then its the parents fault.
    also if the parent doesn't teach their child how to behave then of course its the parents fault.

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    Re: Rude children

    It's the parents, always the parents. The parents always try to shift the blame to media such as television to excuse themselves, but the television sure isn't responsible for raising upstanding citizens of society. If children aren't given behavioral cues from parents, they'll get it from elsewhere.

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    Re: Rude children

    It's the parents fault for not teaching their kids rules, manners and to respect other people. It isn't a hard thing to do and to use tv as an excuse is nothing but poor parenting. I was a lach-key kid when growing up. So I was in front of the tv for the most part of my life. But I was never allowed to talk back to people and disrespect them the way that some do today. Now it is way to easy to pass the blame of something on to someone else then to face the fact that it was all your doing. So until the parents actually start to take control of their kids then we will always have those kids that bother everyone that they come into contact with. As for dealing with kids like that I try not to. Or I either say to the parent in front of everyone that they need to please control their child. Sometimes it works and sometimes it dosen't. But luckly I don't run into many of cases like that.

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    Re: Rude children

    Remeber that Oompa Loompa Song, "WHo's....to...blame? >Little music note< The Mother and the Father. Oompa Loompa dompa di do"

    The parents. I blame the parents. The parents should teach the kids common morals, rules (Even if they DO have different views on them) such for the sake of others (Even IF they are misanthropic). I mean, yes, I find our common morals stupid sometimes, and really don't care about others, but I'm experianced with rude children, hell, I've grown a hatred for children, but really, is it the childrens fault? Not overly, well to me at least. Still, even if I have children, I know I'd show them the common morals, etc, just for decent measures.

    And then you have the parents blaming it on Video Games (I detest that, extremely), T.V, books, all the stuff. "It's the T.V, I teach them properly, but it's those damned shows"
    Then you ask, "Really now?" so you observe them, finding out the parent does nothing. Ehhh, I'll stop here.

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    Re: Rude children

    The parents are the ones at fault. As many pointed out already tv is not to blaim, its not like the tv turns its self on and says "Hey, watch me." Parents now a days have just gotten lazy and will not fess up to their own mistaks. I see a lot of parents act them selves like kids, and I am sitting here watchings and think to my self... "Oh my god!! What the hell is wrong with you people!? Your still acting like little pissy, stupid, snobby high schoolers!!" Some one said that there was not a lot of good shows out there for younge kids and this is true but that is why its the parents duty to filter out the garbage and find a show that is sutable for their child.
    It is also up to the parents to teach them morals, understanding, and to respect others and what is ecceptable and what is not.

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    Re: Rude children

    Rude children...wow......never thought if this before....
    But I would definitely have to say the parents and the society that surrounds them..
    If the child hangs out with the bad or wrong crowd......sooner or later he or she will turn out like them..because with factors like peer pressure and this is the part where people ask "well, what are the parents doing?"...and that is a very good question...sometimes parents give up and they just do not know how to handle the child......and also what the children see in the real world.not only on TV but I can walk outside and I swear that I will heart at least one curse word coming out from some person who think that she or he is cool.

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    Re: Rude children

    Rude children... for that I blame the parents... the child at certain age is not able to act just beacuse he/she wants of feels like acting like that. The child will copy the behavior he/she sees (at home, t.v etc)...
    I blame the authoritarian parents and the permissive parents. The authoritarian because they set "tha rules" without any more than "'cos I say so". And I blame the permissive because the child does not know the limits and a good behavior because the child has not been tought how to put them in practice. Let's be real, there are homes where the child has more authority than the parent... How is that??? but oh well...
    But for kids... I blame first the parents and then the sorroundings...
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