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Thread: Rules of superstition

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    Re: Rules of superstition

    here in good old england cumbria were free from anyhting like that no rules except laws of course were pretty boring really

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    Re: rules like supersion

    Quote Originally Posted by equinn View Post
    ok i will its not to do with the trees that to do were i live we cant cute a fairy tree down ... nor dont stand in a fairy ring .....

    but i was lookin to know witch ones are like big rules u have to keep witch are just superstition........
    Well, you won't be arrested (most likely) and I don't think you have to worry about your eternal soul if you cut down a fairy tree or stand in a fairy ring. The reason these things have become so "sacred" is because centuries ago someone thought there was something supernatural about an object and did not want to incur the wrath of the in-dwelling sprite, fairy, etc. So he/she told his/her children to respect the tree and not play in fairy rings. Then the children told THEIR children . . . etc, etc, etc. Now it's just part of tradition (and people don't like going against tradition when it comes to nature). All thirteen trees in my backyard are named.

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    Re: Rules of superstition

    Yes, a common superstition here is: You can't eat clams on the months without the "R" word on the name. Example: June, July or August. The people says: "If you eat a clam on this time (August example) you will have bad luck the next 6 months". And is real, anyone eat's clam on this season. I eat clams and don't have bad luck. But is a supertition anyway.
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