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Thread: rumors!!

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    Re: rumors!!

    When I was in middle school (8th grade to be exact) there was a rumor going around that I was a junkie. Yep. As in drugs. I hadn't touched drugs EVER at that point in life. I was a little different from everyone else, being the only goth girl in school. I got picked on a lot, but I laughed back at them for being so utterly ignorant. Anyway -
    One morning, I noticed people staring funny at me. More so than usual. It finally got to me - Someone started a rumor that I was shooting up heroine in the portable toilets on the football field. (?_?) Uh, no. NO WAY. I laughed. Because that's the most hilarious rumor ever.
    But people actually believed it. I squashed it immediately by showing them I didn't have track marks. The person who started the rumor pointed at me at lunch and yelled, "You shoot it up in between your toes, so it won't leave marks." I replied, "And how the hell do YOU know that?" It turns out that he was the one on heroine, and had been seen leave the portable toilets one day - So he thought of the "strangest" person in school - Which happned to be me, apparently. He got expelled and went to rehab.

    I felt sorry for him. In 10th grade he came back to school, and apologized to me. He is clean and sober to this day. Yeah, I know. I was upset, however, because that is a really serious rumor! I was always a great student and never did any drugs. It frustrated me a little. >.<

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    Re: rumors!!

    Quote Originally Posted by equinn View Post
    I was just wondering what the worst rumors spread about u was witch people believed..??

    Well mine was that i was pregnant, which people did believe. I still donno who made it up, but like they kept asking me when was i due, and will i be leaving school, who's the dad ect and i was like huH?? what u mean??~!!

    and i had to explain to over 100 people i wasn't pregnant and for them to tell there friends ect

    ToT my mum even asked me.....when she heard.....( she works at my school)
    ( she kinda believed it cos i was eatin unny (dont ask))
    One of the worst rumours ever spread about me was that I was homosexual. I went to a single-gender school, so rumours like that could ruin a social life. It was quickly remedied, though, thank heavens.

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