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Thread: scared to love

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    Re: scared to love

    Time to pull a little Dr. Phil here:

    Being afraid of love is ok, but when it effects other parts of your life it is not. If something were to happen to you and your bf, it is not the end of the world. There is plenty of other people, it is just a matter of getting out and looking.

    If you feel you need to talk to your bf about it, then do so. In a relationship you need to share your problems and help each other through them, that is 1/3 of dating.

    I cannot honestly say I have not been in a situation like that, but it is what I would do if I were in one.

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    Re: scared to love

    seems like to me ur living in an uncertain future.. in other words ur just worrying and thinking 2 much in the future.

    the best advice i can give u is to not worry about the future, cause that will come around soon enough. and when it does u can deal with it then and there. so pretty much just live in the present. enjoy being with ur boyfriend and brush aways those quite nasty thoughts. because if u truly enjoy being with ur boyfriend it only makes sense to enjoy it, so why doubt it?.

    also being able to trust ur bf would help. i mean if u don't trust him of course ur goin to worry. thats natural. a healthy relationship is usually built on trust, well so i've been told.

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    Re: scared to love

    I can honestly say, I'm terrified of loving. I am scared of honestly letting someone in, someone get close to, account if something happens, I hate that feeling of falling down and getting back up. SURE I'd like to have the idea that IF I fall, someone will be here to catch me...but not gunna happen, now with me atlast.

    So I just...if I do have feelings for someone I keep them locked up, I stay alone. Besides I have nothing good to offer. So yes....I am VERY much afraid of loving again.

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    Re: scared to love

    Well, yes, I'm very afraid of what might happen now too... I'm really stressed about it, but I do everything I can to get over it, the best thing you can do is talk to him about it. I talk to my bf about everything, about any kind of a thing that could come in my mind, and well, at some points it has almost been the only thing that pulls me through...

    I've been always afraid, I remember I broke down (started crying) when I was with my ex ^^ lol, he thought that I'm about to dump him- the fact that I didn't talk to him made it just worse... ^^

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    Re: scared to love

    I am not scared of love or to love another...>i just simply gave up on love all together
    I am just sick and tired of the ups and downs and how love can destroy your life and the people that surround you....love to me is a destructive force that is hazardous to my life
    Maybe there is somebody out there for me........but i am not going to wait for him and put my life on hold just because I "love" a person
    I always wondered.....what is the true meaning of love
    It is definitely not the type of love that i used to see in high school.....I just hated when i would hear a girl talking to another girl about how much she loves a guy
    Are you serious?
    And the ironic thing is.....they would break up the next weak and become enemies..........
    Nope......not for me

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    Re: scared to love

    yes i was to begin with and and i got up enof curage to make a thread on ao askin how can i tell a guy that i really like him and for him not to freek.....

    but i told him but he didnt feel the same and this happened 2 times soo im guessing it wasnt them i was ment to be with they just know what they had missed ^__^ and no i got a wonderful bf for who i love v much ^__^

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    Re: scared to love

    lol I for one have never really truly been in love, i have really liked someone before but never loved, in fact I dont know that there is many people on the site that has indeed truly been in love

    But its common for people to be scared to love, because there is nothing more painful than seeing someone you love loving someone else.

    But when people trick themselves into thinking they are in love then bad things can also occur becuase, if you say, "I love you", but do not truly mean with all your heart then you have already fallen in love with language, which is already a form of break up and infidelity.

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    Re: scared to love

    Quote Originally Posted by P.R. Princes View Post
    have you ever been scared of what would happen between you and the one you love. Like you two are meant to be but you are terrified of somthing happening. so then you begin to question yourself.

    How did you deal with it,
    did you talk to the other person,
    or did you just let it eat you up.

    I am askng because i am going through a similar situation.
    I love my bf but i am terrified of what would happen if something happend to us. I dont knw what to do.

    Opinions and advise.
    I fear about this all the time. When I first went to New York I thought he would just turn around and walk away because I wasn't what he thought I would be. Then there was people at Uni would give me weird looks when I told them where I met my boyfriend. It wasn't very supportive of them.

    Also even my own mother said I need a boyfriend who is closer and won't end up taking me away from her, which won't happen because she is my mother. But I guess she worries too much.

    The only way I got over it all was by remembering my feelings for my boyfriend and that others can try to break up the relationship but they just say things because they don't understand how much I love solking and that nothing is going to change my mind.
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