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Thread: Scary Side Of The Internet

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    Re: Scary Side Of The Internet

    Quote Originally Posted by mystical shadow angel View Post
    Internet censorship exists in America? =O
    And yes lol, I completely agree. Give in a little and they'll keep wanting more.
    No there is no censorship on the internet by the government as a whole. A personal issue near and dear to my heart is that on military bases there are many sites that you can not access. Some of course for reasons that they are obscene, or profane, but others seems to be targeted for no other reason but that they are outlets for people to tell there story. Social networks sites can't be accessed from bases in many places. Though I have not been to America for a long time that is what I remember.

    But a nation wide censoring of the internet comes up every once in awhile but is always shot down immediately.

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    Re: Scary Side Of The Internet

    Yo, that's why I don't believe in credit cards on any online shopping, well sometimes. For the most part though, the internet isn't only a tool to track people down or steal your identity, it's become a haven for people to talk all the smack they want without consequence. Myspace and Youtube are the best examples for this, I'll see constant flame wars back and forth between these cyber pinheads that are blissfully unaware of the fact that they are accomplishing nothing but wasting time. I use the internet as a networking tool and recreational purposes. (nothing like porn, get your head out the gutter) But yes, the internet is becoming a pretty scary atmosphere between the hackers and all the useless drones talking their bull behind their Dell.

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