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Thread: Sexting

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    Re: Sexting

    Quote Originally Posted by EmoNightmareRose View Post
    The thing that pisses me off about this is that the guy who took videos of nude 16 year olds for Girls Gone Wild got a lesser sentence than her. Now that's bullcrap.
    I know its stupid. Anyhow, they were just charged, don't think they'll get a conviction. Even if they do it will probably get appealed. I don't think its right for these kids to be put on those list. Why should they be punished for this adult crime, and put on a sex offenders list? They shouldn't be punished this severely for a stupid mistake they made when they were a kid. Especially when you see their peers doing way worse and nothing happening to them. I think the authority's are just trying to make an example out of them, which isn't right seeing their just minors.

    Also they're sending pics of themselves. I mean it be different, if they were pics of someone other than them. Like say, passing around naked photos of another classmate to get revenge against them. Even then they shouldn't be on some sex list, or charged with child porn. More like just expelled.
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