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Thread: The shadows prove the sunlight

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    The shadows prove the sunlight

    in living in the world of sudden changes and utter dissolution of what the society has defined to be good... doyou still find hope for humanity... whare everything bad that's happening is only a sign of something good that's gonna happe... or that it's just an object blocking the sunlight we most desire?

    do you believe tht shadows just prove the sunlight... or is the world just going to die out and fade...

    i belive that shadows do prove the sunlight... th prescece of something bad just tells us that we can tell that this is bad since there's something good that we see out there... for a person who knows only pain does not get hurt by it... and a person who knows only darkness cannot distinguish it from what we know as lght...
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    Re: the shadows proove the sunlight

    I don't think i understand you completely but i belive you mean is shadow a sin or bad thing etc. if i am wrong i am dreadfully sorry but i don't quite understand you, well if you mean it like this i don't think much of shadow, it's like a thing we create so it doubt it could be a bad thing, it's when the sun goes down i worry.

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    Re: the shadows proove the sunlight

    I think that someday people will see the light but it will be to late. The reason I say this is because it doesn't matter if the people find the light but how much damage is done already.
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    Re: the shadows proove the sunlight

    Well the shadow does prove the sunlight, I believe that is a very good quote. However I understand it in a very different way. Maybe because when I first heard it, it sounded like "there are no shadows without sunlight". And indeed, if everything would go well, no one would give a damn about the good things that happen and all would seem just plain and boring.
    If we have bad things happening around us, we can appriciate the good things ^^ I would never choose a life with no pain and sorrow, because the sweetness of it would completely dull my sences.

    If we talk about humanity... I actually hope that we have not a great chance of surviving... I find that we ruin the natural balance and just bring... ugly things to the world. Of course we bring lots of beautiful things, but it always has to come with a cost. I hope that either people will learn to live in balance with nature again or just... well our total distruction is actually hardly unlickely anyways... we always find a way.

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