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Thread: Signs of Depression

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    Signs of Depression

    How do you know when you are depressed? What are the signs? If you are depressed will you please explain why you think so...

    Here is my experience that happened today that has me thinking about being severally depressed:

    My parents tell me that I'm severally depressed. That I have been ever since the incident that happened to me when I was 9. Today my sister said that she would rather trade her life to have mine because she thinks she has a hard life. I heard my mother tell her that she would never want my life because I've had a very hard life the hardest one that she knew anyone to have. After hearing that I have not been able to stop crying. Maybe they are right about me hiding my feelings and that I am severally depressed. I have also a history in my family of depression. Going through the woman side of the family.

    I know that if you just start crying and you don't know why it's a sign.
    I've been doing that alot lately when I'm alone.

    What should you do if you are depressed? What type of help should you look for?
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    Thumbs up Re: Signs of Depression

    I notice when I am depressed when I get easily mad with my bros and sis and even with my mother when they tell me something that "I consider" not nice... it may be that it is an old joke and even though I get mad.... That's the main sign. When I know I am depressed I lookfor not being alone for me it's the worst to be alone... because when I am alone the most stupid thoughts cross my mind... I just look for to be alone of I know I am going to be praying. Girl... this can sound fanatic or whatever but this how I handle it: "I lock myself in my room, I make sure that my roomate is not going to get soon to our room. Then I open my bible and read comfort words and even exhortation words from Proverbs. I pray about what I just read and then I unload my heart to God... I imagine that He is there with me.... then... I cry until I get tired of crying... I tell Him what is bugging me... I talk to Him not with a "nice or formal prayer" I get mad and confused so I yell at Him and ask Him "why?" I am way too mad to speak to Him on a convensional way. It is a prayer that I don't give thanks very often... It is a prayer dedicated to release, to liberate myself from the stress of the University... Sometimes I feel like NO more... I cannot handle it anymore.... and then I explode... in the loneliness of my room...

    I repeat I don't get myself alone if I know I am way to mad and depressed that I cannot speack to Him. Then... when I know that there is not going to be stupidity going through my mind I lock myself with Him.

    As I said before: this might sound fanatic and whatever u can think of... but this has worked for me really well, no, excelent.

    I really hope u get through it. If u want to talk and u want to PM, feel free.

    Feel good girl
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    Everybody goes through periods where they just cry... it doesn't mean they have depression. I'm not an expert in depression, but I can relate because I was diagnosed with manic depression (think bipolar). When I'm going through one of my downs, it's... really... a sickening feeling of grief. It's not just crying, it's an irritating feeling like something's crawling under my skin, and I'm generally too lathargic to do much and hardly eat. Everything I do disgusts myself... people disgust me... I want nothing to do with any of them. Periods like this (on average) last two weeks... I don't get mad very easily when I'm on a low. I just generally don't care.

    I get very irritated and violent when I'm in a manic stage though.

    Oh, I wanted to add... clinical depression is a LONG period of depression... a few days or so doesn't mean you have depression. Just means as a human you ARE depressed. It's different. Humans have to feel depressed sometimes.
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    Re: Signs of Depression

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