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Thread: some scanned pics

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    some scanned pics

    yes yes i know there is a whole picture place where i can upload these but the file type is different and i cant upload it there. all i wanna know is what you think

    btw with this picture im pretty sure i located the mistakes but if u wanna point them out be my guest

    another thing is that this used to be a little darker and had more shading but this pic is pretty old and the lead wore off...srry bout that

    I also know that these arent very good, but i did my best and i hope u all realize that


    EDIT:had to strech it down alot! so please just dont worry bout that
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    Re: some scanned pics

    The gallery is for posting and commenting on images. Allowing one user to "showcase" their work with "Rate my____" threads or collection-comment threads means we need to open the floor to everyone for the same. And we don't intend to do that.

    Please showcase your work and collect comments -IN THE GALLERY-.

    It's simple enough to convert a file type. Ask in the graphics or tech support section if you need help.

    That's what it's for.

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