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Thread: Somewhere over the rainbow

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    Post Somewhere over the rainbow

    a tornado carries u over the rainbow...
    1. What three characters would u like to meet on the yellow brick road?
    2. What would u ask from the wizard 4 yourself?
    3. Who would u miss most of all? Why?

    I would like to meet Kyoko, Ren and Saber Marionette
    I'd ask for a sword that cuts through darkness
    I would miss Kyoko the most because of her silly chicken costume and good advice

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    Re: Somewhere over the rainbow

    Which three characters I'd like to meet on the yellow brick road?
    Satan, Loki, and Cthulhu. Weirdness would ensue and I'd come out nuttier than a fruit cake, but filled with an obscene amount of wisdom that no one could touch,or deader than an broken N64. All a roll of the D20.......

    What I would want from the WIZ?
    His knowledge and power, so I could do what I will without anyone stopping me. Perhaps I may evolve from such petty desire after absorbing so much............

    Who would I miss most of all? Why?
    Maybe I might miss my old, ignorant, human self. Then again, I might not. Maybe I could be happy with a mindset so far away from human. Again, all a roll of a die.

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