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Thread: Song Show Your Feelings ^,^

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    Re: Song Show Your Feelings ^,^

    I have to admit a few days ago I was listening to Swing Life Away by Rise Against. I was really missing my life in Japan. And soon I leave Cuba.

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    Re: Song Show Your Feelings ^,^

    Quote Originally Posted by Spike'sRose View Post
    I have felt that way before... There are some songs that really get me. I usually get that cold feeling while listening to Be Still My Beating Heart by Sting. >.<

    Thank you!! I do love my hubby... he's such an amazing guy. He's really confident too... And the funny thing is he's a real hardcore metal head (well I am too, but I listen to everything) ... And when I played him I Do he actually loved it! :O He said he loved it because it expressed my emotions towards him, so how could he not? OMG How sweet! lol

    It is amazing how a song can say what you want to someone... And with a song the melody can even invoke a lot of emotions. ^.^
    WOW how sweet ~!! Nyaaa ~XD , songs can open doors that we try to close or we try to open , songs make us show the one we love without a word show the feeling inside of us we become an open book becasue of the songs >,< Nu~ ...

    there is a song remind me of my painful past XS Fade Away by Celine dion ^_^ ... =^_^=
    My Dreams Become Like The Rainbow
    Love Like the Wind You Can't See It But You Can Feel It

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    Re: Song Show Your Feelings ^,^

    the only piece of lytrics i can think about that is
    "Snow is falling down on this glorious land
    Colours fading, turning into white again
    To fallenn heroes angels sing, they cry their winter tears."
    Glory to the brave by hammerfall.
    This onlys shows how i and other humans finds ways to escape things we don't likes.

    and the lytrics:
    "I love 'em when they don't give a mother****ing shit
    I could've been someone instead of falling flat upon my ass"
    Faggot by mindless self indulgence.
    This lytrics shows that it's almost imposible to be the one you want to be, when others just keep telling you how you should be.
    Surender or fall, it's no other way to turn.

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    Re: Song Show Your Feelings ^,^

    Plastic World from pendulum, everytime I listen to this song I imagine myself in an epic parkour fantasy that I wish to make into a reality some day.

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