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Thread: Space Colonies

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    Re: Space Colonies

    yeah alot of Sci-fi books and movies places orbital stations and factorys in L orbits... as for engine technology we are only as fast as our bodys can handle...being able to suddenly accellerate a ship can turn its more squishy occupents into soup...

    Ion engines are already operational, but its torque is less than spectacular. a probe was sent out 5yrs ago i think with an Ion engine. its overall speed is high, but its gonna take alot of years to hit even half of its top possible years

    Theres the roman candle ideal...um you stick one used atomic bomb behind the ship, and on one heck of a shield/blast plate and light it...Bang your off...if your not paste...

    as for traveling, i like the ideal from "Semper mars-Ian Douglas" where they uses 2 orbiting ships, one opposite the other. they simply orbit between the mars and earth in a giant loop of the two planets, and they never stop, to they can start with max space for life support and crew and minimal engines, since i would only need enough to start moving and then it would simply coast the whole way sling shot past earth and back to mars orbit the target planet off load and load stuff and sling shot back to earth, the trip would take months not years and can be done with current tech...with 2 of them you can keep contact better, since you dont have to wait 2months out and back..4months between flights..., its just 2 months out and the 2nd one inbound...
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    Re: Space Colonies

    Cheese... I really hope we don't get that far... It's enough with us humans ruining this world (the Earth I mean)... if we move even futher... I don't even want to think about it- future as in Star Wars really doesn't attract me...

    But it's just me- just my weird little opinion- there are only few other people that are WAITING for the end of the world as we know it...

    I really wouldn't want for the responsibility of ruling over this universe would alo be put on the shoulders of humans as the rulling of earth is... we aren't really doing that good here...

    Ofcourse all the ideas there are great and they could really help but I'm just really afraid of future like that... I guess I'm just one of those who don't accept progress that well... that is not a good think I guess but... if we look at the fact that all the progress today is to make the life of humans easier... we would all turn into fat coatch potatoes, who are served by robots, reall soon without people like me...

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    Re: Space Colonies

    funny, i just read a book called 'how to survive a robot uprising"...

    anyway,thats th problem with a not-star wars ion engine- theres no acceleration. now if we had TIE fighters....

    im not requesting the ability to make the kessel run in less than 12 parsects, but think of it this way-the colony will need supplies. two months is still a bit long for a "space trucker" [haha love to see on of those] and if there was an emergency or something, two months would be way too late.
    i just think to have one on mars, we need to advance in engine technology a bit more.

    however, we could get to the moon in days in the 60's. i think i read some where that now it would be possible to do it in one, but would more logically be about two.
    plus the moon is right beside us, and as long as there not on the dark side, we have constant communication. pluswe could look up into the sky and see our budding offshoot....

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