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Thread: *Special Powers For a Day*

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    *Special Powers For a Day*

    Say you could have special powers for a day ....what kind of powers would you have and what for?
    good or bad?

    i would be good and save everything around me^-^
    Yeah, Bye.

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    Re: *Special Powers For a Day*

    F.Y.I. - You do realize this thread posted twice?

    I have always wanted the ability the shape-sift (morph/transform, whatever you want to call it) into anything. I would use it for good. I hope I would never use it for anything bad, but temptation is always around the bend. I wouldn't do anything evil, but maybe a bit mischievous. *sly grin*

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    Re: *Special Powers For a Day*

    Ohhh... easy- healing and flying, so I could heal all the people who need it and get to some people far away who need healing and heal myself if I meet a colony of angry birds on my flying way

    I would take healing for a day but not forever, it brings too much responsibility and... I don't know... I wouldn't be ready to carry it, like heal a few peole then in the evening see that someone else needed it more... and so on...

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    Re: *Special Powers For a Day*

    i always wanted to read the mind, just think it. i could to know if someone is trying to to something bad before he could do. well, and to know if someone will make me a joke lol i think it would be awesome
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    Re: *Special Powers For a Day*

    Sorry, but we already have an existing thread covering for this subject. Here: If you had superpowers...

    Please continue with any more discussion on this matter there. Thank you.


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