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Thread: Spells, curses, hexes

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    Re: Spells, curses, hexes

    Quote Originally Posted by atomik_sprout View Post
    Wow! How did I know that this thread would be started by you one day? LOL. On a serious note now:

    I don't really believe as much as I pretend that I do (if that makes any sense). I used to be huge on Wicca, but as I got older, I became more skeptical about witchcraft in general. There are books written on witchcraft no matter where you go, but if they're written by "experts" then why aren't there any college degrees in witchcraft?

    I mean, the author of Harry Potter is probably just as much of an expert as the other guys, LOL.
    Umm... actually atomik... there is a degree in witchcraft now.
    There was specialist school of witchcraft down at the south east coast of the US (I believe it was granted around the early 2000's) that was granted by the government to count witchcraft as a specialty job, with degrees and student loans, and everything...

    Problem? Well, the ingredients cost more than the class itself. O_o Can you imagine spending thousands of dollars getting those rare materials?!

    Oh, and by the way, you can get a college degree on Feng Shui.

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    Re: Spells, curses, hexes

    I do know about these things from the Disney animations/stories, Harry Potter, The Charmed and Wicca(story books by this female author.. I forgot her name. And I love to read her story books! Example: Awakening.)since I was young ^_^ Lol I know it's funny. Well, I worship God because I was taught(my parents) until now to believe in God(Of course, I'm just a kid). I don't believe in these things. But don't misread me. I respect other people's opinions, beliefs and life style or maybe even culture. To me, these things are just like one of the fairy tale stories I know^_^
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