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Thread: Spring Break?

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    Re: Spring Break?

    hmm, im working now so nothing will change when spring break comes.
    except there will be many customers ofcourse.. ( in our net cafe)
    but when i was still studying, me and my parents used to take a road trip every weekend. then i usually revise my notes
    then read books if i have more time.
    I don't do that anymore, i'm alittle busy taking care of the cafe that
    is why i'm always online! hehehe

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    Re: Spring Break?

    I am going to visit the colleges I get into!! ^^
    So far I've gotten into 3, so I mean I at least know I'm not gonna be stuck home sitting around all spring break LOL (That was my original fear... I was like "But what if I DON'T get into college O_O" and my parents were like "...then....I dunno" >_<)
    Wo shi zhen zhen zhen xi huan ni...

    Thank you Equinn!! ^-^

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    Re: Spring Break?

    Sprnig Break? Oh, you mean the week that I get sick every year...(T3T)

    So far I've never failed to get sick during breaks...to make things worse this year after I finally recover it SNOWED!!! 2ft overnight...spent the rest of the break shoveling...(=3=) When do I get to rest from school and work!!?

    ...wha? Never? (ToT)
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