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Thread: Stereotypes

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    Re: Stereotypes

    Just for arguments sake, are there any stereotypes that anyone here thinks to be sincerely true? or just have always found to be true based on experience?

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    Re: Stereotypes

    im not even gonna lie, yea i sterotyped. i automaticly get my veiw of person by the perspectivs given to soiciety and i use them to cloud my judgement. but i am trying hard not to do that

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    Re: Stereotypes

    Quote Originally Posted by Thelonious View Post
    Just for arguments sake, are there any stereotypes that anyone here thinks to be sincerely true? or just have always found to be true based on experience?
    English people sleep around.

    Okay okay. Before any of you Britons bash me on the head with something heavy - I admit I haven't met too many Britons in my time. I've always seen them to be fairly sophisticated people (prolly because of the accent), but there isn't a single Brit under 21 I've met who hasn't had sex (or, at least, admitted to having had sex) already. Men and women, boys and girls alike. My cousin's half-English and he slept with his girlfriend when he was 17. It leaves me wondering if Asians are just really shy, or if we have craploads of willpower to not submit to lust.

    Then again, like I said, I haven't met many English people... and it was probably just some kind of luck that all the ones I met had already lost their virginities.

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    Re: Stereotypes

    I've learned to be comfortable with it.

    If groups of people constantly do the same thing, it's sorta' hard to look past it.
    We can't exactly say "Oh hey, I see YOU for who YOU are" that easily, especially when culture comes to mind.

    I'm not saying the black person always did it, or the brown one either. I'm saying which "group" is known most for doing it, will be my first targets of suspicion.
    ... oddly enough, despite the fact that stereotyping is so constant in this world, people can't even stereotype correctly! ...I've seen university-dressed-esque frail black men with glasses get pulled over for the sake of them just being black. O_o I mean, according to stereotyping, a man with glasses that's frail is by no means a threat.

    Am I against stereotyping? Nope. What I am against are
    1) People who can't even stereotype correctly
    2) People who don't understand that their culture ENCOURAGES stereotyping

    -_- Live with it.

    I mean, come on... let's say you compare two Chinese people, one from America, and one from Canada. According to stereotypes, the differences between people in all places in Canada, are hardly different at all. And what part of America are you talking about? While some places in the world stereotype America as a cold-hearted place where people are only in things for themselves, some other places actually realize that America differs amazingly according to where in America you're located.
    So in other words, you can't compare two Chinese people from America and Canada because their cultures are totally different!
    I'm not talking just about country-blood culture, I'm talking about where you're raised!

    -_- Sure, some people can return to their home country and perfectly fit right in because they were raised in the same culture in the house... but the culture from what they watched and did everyday in the different country makes them a little "off" to their native family.

    Nothing wrong with stereotyping. It's a way of recognizing patterns in cultures.
    What's wrong is, bad stereotyping, not forgetting to take account the most minute details.

    Can stereotyping completely misunderstand someone? Obviously.
    Some people are "black sheeps"... not so much BAD, it's just that they're very different from what the family raised them to be.
    Quite honestly, you can completely misunderstand who I am because stereotypes don't work very well for me... (and the few that I have were actually EARNED, not born-in-me... example: Pride. It got ramped up to near max when Abu wanted me to be more of "A MAN" )

    So what about stereotypes?
    Don't take offense unless someone's really really annoying about it. In other words: Don't mind them unless they're rude. No one has the right to be rude to you, no matter what the stereotype.

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