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Thread: Stories of serial or psycho killers

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    Re: Stories of serial or psycho killers

    I'm surprised I didn't see anyone talking about a legend as Jack the Ripper. Well he is just a legend and no one knows the real identity of course, but still... he has his own movie and book and what else not. And that sometimes is just what the serial killer wants- fame.

    I'm also reading "Perfume" by Patrick Suskind, there is also a movie called like that. It's about a guy who has a very special scent, a very strong one. He killed woman because he found that the smell of a virgin is like the most wonderful smell in the world and could make the perfect perfume.

    There were more that I read about and it was terribly interesting. I am really interested in human psychology you see and so... these horror stories really interest me, because it's just so interesting to try and understand the reasons of serial killers etc. it's like the greatest level of madness... when a person loses most of the things that would seem human.

    "Dexter" is a tv show about a serial killer, I find it very interesting, very odd, and quite funny. It just seems that the main character just thinks much differently than other people... I guess that explains some things about serial killers...

    Well your story is... very interesting O.o cooking a leg... I really would like to know what was behind his acts...

    My recommended fanfic: "Dreamer" by Scourge

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    Re: Stories of serial or psycho killers

    Oh its right, how could i forget the good jack? huumm yes he was reallycrazy. i remember a movie about his slaughts he only killed whores and homeless women isnt?

    Ah and "perfume" yes, i've heard about the book. One of my friends red it

    About the cannibal guy ... he was a poet and he sold many books, one of these is "the words of the sword" (in english, sounds a bit strange lol).
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