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Thread: Stupid grades!

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    Angry Stupid grades!

    My dad just called me up yesterday and said becuase of my grades I will only be able to play my 360 for the week that I have left off and then maybe weekends after that. So far I have two F's (oh NoES!), one in Spanish and the other in Science. Spanish to totally my fault, but my science teacher never told anyone when to turn things in or if they had to or not, so when everyone got their report cards there was a huge line of F's lol.

    I wish the school district could show some mercy and send the grades after christmas, it's like they're trying to ruin it for us procrastinators. Teachers have no souls.

    So have grades had an effect on your christmas at all?
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    Re: Stupid grades!

    This is more journal metiral sorry Topic Closed

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