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Thread: Stupid things customers say at your work place

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    Stupid things customers say at your work place

    Hello there folks. I was wondering what are the most hilarious yet stupid questions you have to answer to the customers at your work place. I would post mine as soon as i remember some instances that i had to deal with stupid customers. So please go ahead and start posting. ^^

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    Re: Stupid things customers say at your work place

    Hmm stupid customers... I have a lot.. but it's hard to recall them... hmm...

    As some of you all know...i work in some DVD store owned by my dad..so i have experienced some

    - There was once this arabic guy...(arabics tourists are famous...VERY...famous for always trying to set the price lower) he came to me with about...5 DVDs...and he asked how much... Each was only RM 4 ( Malaysian currency to American Dollar is about RM3.80 - RM4.00 for a Dollar) then i said that would be 20... and guess what he said to me...

    "i aint buying if the price of each is not RM1..."

    wtf? I am not selling a ****ing toilet paper it's a ****ing high quality DVD's... -.-

    -there was another...this happen to my friend...also with arabics...

    He was selling this silk piece you know... it's RM100 per a metre..and this guy want a metre for RM1... -.- and no im not lying and that silk is a genuine silk... sheesh...

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    Re: Stupid things customers say at your work place

    Well I work with animals, I'm a dog groomer to be exact. The stupid thing that I hear the most is, My dog's not matted, I just brushed them out yesterday. Now, for all of you that might not know, matting that is down to the skin or is the size of your fist doesn't just happen over night. Though I have thought of a few nasty comments, that I will keep to myself, but all I say is that they can either be shaved down or they can take their dog and they can try some place else that will try and get then out. We however will not pull on the dog unnecessarily for it is crule. If the choose to have the dog shaved then we keep a chunk (yes, I mean chunk) if the hair to show to them when we are done with the job.

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    Re: Stupid things customers say at your work place

    Here is one I am sure anyone that works in retail or sells anything will get this:

    Why is this so expensive?

    Hell man, how in the blue hell would I know right?? Do I look like the one who set the prices?? I am sure most of you with a job has gotten that once upon a time. It frustrates me when I end up on the receiving end of some whining, that wasn't caused by me.

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    Re: Stupid things customers say at your work place

    Hahahahahah RayMe. I personally wouldn't buy a DVD if it cost less than RM20. I'm dead against piracy.

    Stupid things... let's see. I don't exactly have a job, but once I filled in for a friend at his relative's grocery store, and there was this lady who came in and wanted some potatoes, so she went to the back, got them, and came back up front to weigh them. She stood in front of the scale, stared at it for a long time, and for a moment I almost thought she was considering nicking it, but that would've been impossible. ^^;; I'm bad when it comes to asking people if they need help, so I waited for her to come to me. And she was like, "Ummmm, how do I use that?" And I thought that was really silly, because who in the world doesn't know how to use a weighing scale? It wasn't electronic or anything, it was the type where you just put your stuff on it and the needle shows you the weight. Bleh. +__+

    Also, once I'd showed her, she kept asking more questions like, "Am I reading this right?" and "How much per unit?" .... she must have asked me for the price at least 5 times. I hate it when people do that. I don't know if they're deaf or if they have extremely short term memory or just some penchant for pissing salespeople off.


    p.s. She had car keys with her. Hyundai. Now I ask you again, who the hell owns a car and doesn't know how to use a weighing scale?????

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    Re: Stupid things customers say at your work place

    Ok ! Used to work a Burger king! Lol yeah ha ha funny any who, it bugged me so bad when a costomer came up and asked for a Big mac, it was always funny i could find out why but it just was, then my mom always teased me because none of the people who worked there new she was my mom, and she would come in and order chile and chow mein, and stupid stuff like that, and i was always be hind the cashier laughing, mother was holding a straight face, and the casier was just like "what ahh mam we dont have that?'' then my mom was like ok and left, or orderd something else! loil!
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    Re: Stupid things customers say at your work place

    well i have a good one!!
    i work for Vodaphone company at fix mobiles section, i recive the mobiles and send them to the nokia to motorola and so on, when a client come we have to know well wht wrong with the mobile, so here goes the conversation between this client and me...

    Client: goodafter noon!(worried)

    Me: Goodafter noon!! How can i help you sir? (nicely and interested)

    C: well, im very worried and i dont know what to do!(started to breath faster)

    M: well can you tell me what you are worried about sir, so i could help u! what did happen with your mobile?( i started to worry too in someway)

    C: Miss, a funny thing happened while i was out of country. Before i left the country i charged the battery and then when battery was low the mobile swish off!

    M: well and know???

    C: well yesterday when i arrived i charged again and it swich on...

    M.........(tryin not to be rude i said and very polite) OK...but ....is it working well ??

    C: oh yes its working fine...but im really worried if it happens again what
    should i do??( he said that with a serious expression)

    (GEEZ!!! I was so shocked with that quetion that i was like to myself is this a somekind show like Punk'd or something?? all i could say was...)

    M: well sir just try charge it everytime you see the battery is going low
    Maybe is me but i cant stand dumb ppl!! and till now i dont belive it happend to me

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    Re: Stupid things customers say at your work place

    i never really had stupid customers, as we had bitchy customers...

    like there was this one guy who always came in with his mother, and i swear, he was the ultimate combination of p***y, momma's boy and gay all at the same time. his mom was nice, but he catered to her like a queen, and she seemed like she could be a bitch too... he had an awful haircut too... imagine those slick back styles, except there's nothing on the sides of his head...

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