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Thread: Sucking Up ~ Does it work?

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    Re: Sucking Up ~ Does it work?

    Quote Originally Posted by tsurara View Post
    If this is an illustration of how sucking up DOES work on me: congratulations. It's worked. Have a cookie.
    Yeah, I tried pretty hard to be subtle about it. Now you know what I really think.

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    Re: Sucking Up ~ Does it work?

    I have read and considered responding to some posts but I'm just going to give my opinion instead.

    Sure sucking up works, if your teacher is prone to flattery. We all know which teachers they are I just don't think it is necessary though.

    I prefer my method of "know the teacher". Especially in College where it is so easy to become a number if the teacher knows you they are more likely to consider when they determine your grade. Now this is a double edged sword. If you know the teacher and discuss the class with them they will know if you care about the subject even if you don't score so well. I have gotten many a good grade that way. However they also know when you aren't caring about the class and slacking and may mark you lower even when you have scored well... got a B instead of an A that way. All the same if you are a sincere student and really interested in learning it really pays to know your teacher. They become invested in your success as much as you do and your grades will reflect it. I have gotten just as many A's by studying and knowing the teacher as the suck ups have without any loss of my integrity...

    ...and that is a nice feeling.

    So my question for you tsurara is are you prone to flattery and gave the kids a good grade because they sucked up or did you score them higher because you knew who they were and that they were working hard. They may have intended to suck up but what was your incentive?

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    Re: Sucking Up ~ Does it work?

    Sucking up? I must say that the first case study sounds very much like me... but I'm not sucking up, I just think it would be rude if I'd say: "Oh, I did very well in that test, u are so dum if you had problems with that..." (eee... I never think like that anyway), so I rather stay: "It was ok, but I had problems with the third task..." (I never lie... if I say I had a problem, I did)

    Sucking up works on stupid and very naive people, though there are some people that suck up so well that it will work even on the smartest man.

    It's been a million times when someone (usually girls) starts like: "Oh, Laura what a nice shirt!! bla... bla.. bla..." I never catch on these ones, because I'm sure she'll be talking something bad about me behind my back. I'm usually just like "O.o eee... ok... ty"

    Oh and, what happens even more is when a guy comes, talks a bit, almost like flirting and asks homework after a moment... Anyways I like the chat, so I talk a bit, and I'm just freaking generous so I give the homework, but come on! You could just get to the homework part if you don't really want to talk to me!!! It's annoying!

    Me sucking up? Naa... I don't, at least not with a thought, I just am really.. ~.~ sweet... and I giggle like an idiot about all kinds of jokes and I try to never show that I don't want to talk, or feel shy, or feel cooler... So sometimes, I'm sure it seems I'm sucking up... But I'm not! I wish I would be cool and easy on life but I'm not...

    Shortly: Sucking up works on people who don't notice that they are sucked-up-to
    I don't fall for sucking up, because I understand people very well, know what they want, know that I'm not beautiful enough to be said to: "you look nice today"
    Sucking does damage to your "reputation"
    I don't suck up... itentionally (yes, that is possible too)

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    Re: Sucking Up ~ Does it work?

    it works, but you gotta know how to place it in without being too upfront-kiss-a$$h about it. like drop a couple of things like so....

    teacher: you have a 80, very good *student*
    student: thanks for taking the time to mark it and giving me such a nice score
    teacher: well you did your research on *topic*
    student: *discuss on topic like you rele care XD*

    and also, drop a few funny lines that will get him to see you as a serious person, but funny at appropriate times. works all the time fore me

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    Re: Sucking Up ~ Does it work?

    It works for me. I know how to make a real Teacher's pet out of myself even without having to. Ahaha. I just stay good really, don't hang with the wrong people, always complete my homework etc etc

    Being a good student [Not a smart per se but "good" in general] can lead to a teacher taking a liking to you. They don't usually increase my grades or anything but they still seem to know how "good" I am and recognize that.

    So yeah, it works for me with teachers a lot. With my parents, not so much. They can always tell and differentiate when I'm saying it for real and when I'm lying [Which is harder than it may seem; I'm quite monotoned] and know when I am wanting something. They're parents. Go figure.

    So in conclusion I guess you could say it works for some, such as teachers who don't know me since this is still a new grade. but not for my relatives. They know me well. Enough to see through anyways.
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    Re: Sucking Up ~ Does it work?

    If you're not being dreadfully obvious about it, sucking up usually works.

    Bad Suck Up: You are the greatest person in the world at(whatever), No one can beat you at (whatever), etc.

    Good Suck Up: You know, I can really see why you hate that guy. His point of view is obviously flawed and your ideas are much more suited to lead this nation.
    I mean seriously, Human Rights? Who does he think he is?.

    Just screwing over the conservatives (In this case, the GOP) whenever I get a chance.

    This is why I admire people like Tsurara, "Liberals forever!"

    And even though it's a shameless suck up, I actually mean it.

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    Re: Sucking Up ~ Does it work?

    sucking up never ever works from the people that i have seen try. kinda funny to watch but i have yet to see it work.
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    Re: Sucking Up ~ Does it work?

    Sucking up doesn't work. Just makes you look like a coward to your co-workers and your boss. Your work should show who you are.

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