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Thread: Summer Plans?

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    Re: Summer Plans?

    What are my summer plans lets see,well i need to find a job soon i need the money,finish school need to do that and probably be working around the house a lot (or ill be forced to)lol the house needs some work done and so dose my room >.< still need to work on that.
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    Re: Summer Plans?

    My summer plan is to play Cabal when it come out, work,summer school, and go to my sissters place and help her with her new baby and stuff

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    Re: Summer Plans?

    My anticipated summer plans:

    * Visit my family back home! It's been almost about six months since I paid them a visit. For I have been always living with them, so it's feels strange. Not having to daily hear his mom and sisters' adorable voices has Kedar in the doldrums.. When I spoke with them a week ago, my mom said that my father already has great plans in making for this summer, even a visit to Disney Land [Japan]. In addition, if I do visit them, I will get to see my brother's babies.. My older sister e-mailed me their pictures, but photos can't capture all the experience. She tells me they resemble my brother, and not her Korean bride. Hurray ~!! They look like hotcakes, she writes me. No wonder ~!!!!! Anyhow, if I don't visit them, they will come and see me, as they have promised. Few of my buddies will toggle along I am sure. ^^

    * Be More active on AO ~!!! I haven't been whole lot around here like I used to be, and I miss talking to many of my old friends and lovelies [....] Many have left, like Pigtaru, Nympho, JustLoseIt, and sweet Michiru, but lets hope they all would return, including many other wonderful folks. Well, this summer I will make it up for it. More posts, more chit-chats, and more of Kedar's beloved topics... I know you all were missing those.. And hopefully, I will make new friends. It's like nobody talks to me these days anymore, but it is all fine, I won't cry.

    * Lose some weight! Currently am 62 kilograms, and I wish to weigh 55 kgs like I used to.. More muscle weight, I desire. Darn, I am not a meatie, so it's little hard, but hey, I will show them the power of veggies ~!!! Let's see, I will probably be doing loads of outside activities like play sports such as tennis, baseball, and soccer, camp in wilderness, wrestling bears, monkeys, and pigs, and do grand heft trekking and bicycling. I will get back to playing my long-forsaken guitar. Summer is a good time to compose some music.... If I get a chance, I will post my original song lyrics in the poems section, in Japanese but with English translation.

    * Do job hunting, and earn money!! I already have scraped together some money, but I wish to have a little more, just so I can buy some gifts for my beloved family, friends, and lovelies. Possibly also buy a precious dress for my once Physics teacher ~!!! And, buy more music. Got my Shinki [Limited Edition] by Kisaki Project, and it kicks ass. Superb music, and awesome vocals.

    * Lastly, and more importantly, I would like to announce this year's Kedar's summer torture victims :rabu: Both winners will receive a pleasant three-week silent treatment, three huge, special e-mails, and everlasting sarcasm and love from Kedar ~!!!!! So, without further ado, the two unfortunate winners are:

    Ms. Eleonne and Ms. Whitlock. Congratulations.
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