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Thread: Summer School

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    Re: Summer School

    Well, before YEsterday I was unwary to if I was going to summer school or not, due to my math class (The teacher, also my swim coach doesn't like me too much, also I was pretty lazy).

    However, Yesterday I officially graduated from High School! It's a whole "yay" thing until you realize you got more, but it isn't soo bad.

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    Re: Summer School

    well there is also a pluss to it... well if you go in summer then they have a limit time to teach you all the things that they were going to teach you in the school year so they give less projects and stuff like that because they have a time limit ^.^... heheheh
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    Re: Summer School

    the only reason i have to go if because my school didnt give me the right class i needed when i needed it i am going to a trade school for every half of the school year so when i am at the regular school... i her 2 math 2 science 2 english and 1 gym... which never left room for my helth credit so now... i have to take summer school

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    Re: Summer School

    am going to summer school cause i'm taking IB next year so i have to take chemistry in da summer to take physics next year and i get 1 credit

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