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Thread: super smash bros braw (wii) (game)

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    super smash bros braw (wii) (game)

    ok super smash bros brawl apparently was delayed due to the fact sonic was coming to the game and they needed to wait to see of sega or what not were letting this happen...

    as fair as i know its only for the wii so fair right?

    its nows coming out

    in japan 31st jan 2008

    However Smash won’t come out in North America for a bit and sadly Europe has an even longer wait until the game releases.

    so not many people are sure on the dates of this game.

    even though it looks soo awesome in online brawls!

    anyone with a wii will u be wanting to buy this game when it comes out?

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    Re: super smash bros braw (wii) (game)

    Uhh its already out. In both Japan and America. Did you get cryogenically froze or something. Wake up its out go play it!
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    Re: super smash bros braw (wii) (game)

    there is already a Smash Bros. thread: Super Smash Bros Brawl


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