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Thread: Swine Flu

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    Swine Flu

    Sometimes it's hard to tell CNN, from the latest doomsday movie trailer. Now the US is declaring a public health emergency. It's all kinda frightening.


    What do you all think about the swine flu? Is there anyone who lives in or around the affected areas, any afraid they're going to get it?

    What do you think about the seriousness of it all?

    Me personally, I know no one is trying to pass this off as an Armageddon type thing. But it IS serious. I mean, sometimes we don't know how to fix it. And when it comes to certain illness, they can spread FAST. And who knows... anything has the potential of becoming a world changing epidemic.

    I live in Minnesota. A ways north of any swine flu cases so far. I'm more afraid of AIDS, and killer mosquitoes at this point. But, like I said, that can all change if no one gets a handle on it.

    *For fun, can you remember any other doomsday scares the world has overcome? What are some world changing threats that still exist??

    Like SARS:
    SARS - MayoClinic.com

    Bird Flu:
    Bird Flu- msnbc.com
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    Re: Swine Flu

    Cast pearls b4 swine. Damn Trichinosis I like pork. The Swine flu is not as serious as the Bubonic plague but is as annoying as the killer bees. Y2K scared alot of people so did the Chupakabra. I killed some fruitflies in my time. 9/11 will live in infamy. Aids and cancer research reminds us we still have a way to go. It is animals dying in oil garbage and plastic that is just sad. The Salem Witch trials and Holocaust remembrance day are a ink blot in the annals of history.... But the great depression I think is the history no one in these times wants to relive. The titanic will never sink.. I'm looking forward to the rise of Atlantis from the watery grave since the cataclysmic erruption of Mt. Vesuvius.

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    Re: Swine Flu

    Swine Flu is the head of the health news yesterday and even today! DARN IT! i like pork and I didn't let go pork in my life even if I got Heart Attack Stroke High Blood or what so ever disease is it I wouldn't let go of pork!..
    Swine Flu disease common symptoms are Influenza cold coughs!
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    Re: Swine Flu

    I guess this new virus is all the buzz everywhere on the net. I really don't see the big deal, and I'm certainly not going to stop eating pork because of it. I don't see how it's any deadlier than any other types of flu. It'll never as wide spread as the Spanish flu in WWI, and I doubt it will be as deadly. Modern medicine and paranoia created by the media will keep too many of us from getting sick. I saw this comic by xkcd today and had to post it here, so true:

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    Re: Swine Flu

    Well lets see, they say it started in Mexico and worked its way into the US, oh and I happen to live in San Diego which is just a hop skip and a jump from the border so I would have to say I live in that "Infected area" How ever there has only been four cases of people having the swine flue. So the fear isant that big. Well I am not scared of it any ways. When I get the Swine Flue, then I will be scared.
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    Re: Swine Flu

    Heh, I laughed at that comic. A lot. But probably not for the reasons I was supposed to laugh. Have you ever played Pandemic 2? It makes the comment by PAULYSHOREFAN so much more hilarious.

    EDIT: It's not more deadly per se, it's simply that we don't really have any immunity to it. You know how on War of the Worlds all the aliens die from diseases? Yeah, it's kind of like that. Swine flu is an entirely new strain of flu; what's called a novel strain. All strains of flu can kill you, except that for most people (except for young children and the elderly), the immune system gets rid of the virus and keeps symptoms from becoming fatal. Your immune system learns from experience, so novel strains are particularly nasty as sometimes you're immune system will either do nothing until it's too late, or what it does do is ineffective. This is a good thing, since although we've had great medical advances, when it comes to viruses we're basically still at square one. Our only defense are vaccines and immune systems. We don't yet have a vaccine for swine flu.

    I live in southern New Mexico, about 25 miles from the Mexican border. I sometimes go down to Juarez to get prescription medicines. The last time I was there it was very, very bad. Many of their hospitals are full, some are overcrowded. Some people there have even started wearing masks. So please, don't write this off as not being serious. It is quite serious. And as for not eating pork, that won't do anything for you. It's not spread that way. Cooking the food will kill the virus. First, it spreads through direct contact (being in room with, touching, breathing same air as) with swine or humans that are infected with the disease. So go ahead, eat pork.
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    SWINE FLU > not a laughing matter

    Have you menbers heard about the Pig Flu out break lately?
    WHO raises its pandemic alert level on swine flu
    What you all think about it?
    What's your veaws on this illness?

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    Re: Swine Flu

    Grumble Grumble Grumble

    Merging Duplicate threads....

    MSNBC now has a dedicated Swine Flue section...
    Infectious Diseases - Latest News & Headlines on Disease Outbreaks and Superbugs - msnbc.com- msnbc.com

    As does CNN
    : News & Videos about - CNN.com
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