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Thread: Taking things too far

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    Re: Taking things too far

    I find this funny. Now one ever thought of ho ho ho as a deogatory term towards women till they brought it up.
    I think ho ho ho should stay the same because its been that way for years.
    Why change it

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    Chtonian Slayer Astaroth may be famous one day Astaroth's Avatar
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    Re: Taking things too far

    I think that this is ridiculous.......who in the world cares if they say ho or ha........
    Christmas is much more than disputing over two words such ho and ha........
    Personally.........I really do not care........

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    Re: Taking things too far

    i love x-mas ......
    and ho ho ho

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    Re: Taking things too far

    If you get offended over the word "ho" in the phase "ho ho ho" then YOU ARE ONE. I did not stutter, something not intended to be an insult will not offend you unless you are one and are ashamed of it. Why else would playful and cheerful banter offend? Frankly nothing can offend you unless you let it and why should someone else’s words carry that much merit with you? We as a society are looking for victimization everywhere, and why? So we can make ourselves look good at the cost of someone else who meant no ill will? We aren’t talking about the KKK and actual hate crimes here people! I cannot see why people live like that, grow up.

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    Re: Taking things too far

    Wow. How about a little common sense here people?

    Unless there was some rude guy with a Santa job that said that to women... Yeah. We know what's what. And it's just the guy in all, so let's not make Santa say Hey Hey Hey or Hee hee hee.. Just because of that one incident.

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    Re: Taking things too far

    'Tilts head.' Well, I'll admit it, I'm female, grew up with Christmas, don't much care about the holiday and am not offended about what Santa has been saying since before I was born.

    This really shouldn't have as much response as we have given it, because we are kind of giving it power. Though, I, would be willing to walk up to Santa and say both just to prove how utterly ridiculous this really is, Santa is a traditional figure for children, and he laughs anyway in the Christmas poem.

    I think people just need to stop it really has gone to far, and fighting over this, even if its just one Santa, is kind of ruining it for the kids. 'Shakes head.' It is really sad.

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    Re: Taking things too far

    Again, I am reminded of a song I consider a Christmas song, Inevitable Return of the Great White Dope!! I live Down Under, & I think it's ridiculous! They seem to look for stuff to ban at times! Heck, they've even banned Bert & Ernie from Sesame Street because they sleep in the same ROOM!! Banning them is one thing, but the traditional "Ho ho ho!"? It's a dark day when the symbol of Christmas good will get censored for bad language...

    Who's running that place? Just hope it doesn't go down the "V for Vendetta" path.

    What's next?

    "Christmas must only be known as Xmas, as some of out idiotic, sorry, professional staff considered if offensive against non-Christians"? If it wasn't for Christians, there wouldn't be Christmas or even Xmas.

    *lowers then shakes head...*

    The Madman previously known as Daniel219

    Wish I could get on here more often. *Sigh* The down side to night shift...

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