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i am not sure how ohters feel about this but alot of sillyness is going on
i say silly because people are taking thing way to serouse online and on AO
i have read a few journals and poems and a few threads on depressing things that dont really go with anime or topics that are intresting.

why are the people here bringing all this depressing stuff to a forum for relaxing and fun chat ,i think its pointless and should be stoped in my opinon
but i would like to get feed back on this because some of the things i have read are going way beyond what most people would call reasnable talk suicide
and being used.

anyone else want to talk about this becuase no one has really said or mentioned how all this recnt talk of death and depressing topics is taking away from intresting thing that others and my self could be reading
Speaking of journal items. This topic should have been stared in a journal entry.

***If any of the other staff disagrees that can re-open it.**