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Thread: Teachers making you mad

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    Re: Teachers making you mad

    thankfully, i no longer have teachers. WOOT! but yea... i recall i disliked a large number of my teachers when i was still in school. they ridiculed me for being able to solve problems in my head that they couldn't or they'd delibertly try to embarass me infront of my peers... i didn't care too much for my math teachers in highschool because of that. i just found it annoying and rediculously unfair that they'd penalize the students who understood the work they where teaching and could actually solve it without useing half a piece of paper but they'd reward the kids who didn't understand the work at all and didn't even remotely go about solving the problem right but because they showed their work they'd get at least half credit for it. i especially hated it when they'd call me to the front of the class and try to explain to me why i got a certain problem wrong so they could emphasize why we needed to show our work and then they'd make me work the problem out on the board and i'd get the same answer and they'd check it and realize they had the wrong answer for their answer key for the test and they'd in turn make themselves look like an idiot. that was about the only plus to it. i dont know how many people there are like this on this site who had or have the same problem but i know i always aced the tests in my classes and got 0's on homework because i hated wasting my time at home doing work that i already knew how to do. i didn't have to actually start writing my work down to solve problems until algebra2. i also hated the fact that coaches of school sports seemed to always be the ones who where teaching math or history.
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    Re: Teachers making you mad

    teachers just piss me off in general, they are cool when they aren't acting all "teachery"....
    like this one time, my algebra teacher was doing the lesson and i was sitting there, mindin my own and he comes up and starts yelling at me about reading a magazine, when i never had a magazine on me. he was all "put that magazine away Mr.$%^# or it's to the office with you" and i was all thinking "wtf, i don't even have a magazine" so i just ignored it. about when class was almost over he yelled at me again, saying, "Mr.^$@#$ go to the office! i told you to put that magazine away 20 minutes ago!" and i was all "Listen you old bastard, i don't have a magazine! i never did, i don't bring magazines to school because of jackasses like you! so just leave me the **** alone!" then i got sent to the office, not because of an imaginary magazine, but because i yelled at a teacher. so, i don't like teachers...especially that old asshole....

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