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Thread: teachers on strike

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    Re: teachers on strike

    well luckily skools back in session yea

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    Re: teachers on strike

    when will the school strike end though?

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    Re: teachers on strike

    Quote Originally Posted by Skurei
    Because, when you send your child to school you are intrusting the teacher to watch and take care of your child while you can't be there.
    Ah, but you don't usually hear people say that about the employers who work in the grocery stores, that take care of the food we eat. Aren't we intrusting them to clean and keep only the fresh food out? Same with resturants. We're trusting that they cook with clean utensils and fresh ingredients, trust that our food is on clean plates with clean utensils on the side, and trust them not to spit in it at anytime (or worse... anyone seen Roadtrip? ~_~0).

    Why do we expect teachers to be all happy-go-lucky about trying to achieve order long enough to input some information in several children/young adult's minds long enough to pass the required tests and on the state's standards? You're right, teaching is like baby-sitting, and I know you have to put up with a lot of crap, just as with a job with a terrible boss and such. Why do the teachers have to just grin and bear it and accept underpayment? ^^;

    And that's great that school's back in, tupacs_wifey. Was the problem solved?
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