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Thread: Teenage Years

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    Teenage Years

    How were your teenage years like? How was your relationship with your parents during these years? Was it rocky? Girls, was your mother always bugging you.. saying that you've changed right when you hit highschool? Guys.. same for you? Those who are teens, do you have a steady relationship with your parents now? Or is it rocky and you want to move out? Those who have passed the golden years , how was it like living with your mom, dad, or both parents? Now that you are older, are you guys all right with your parents? Or have you always been, regardless being a teenager?

    Me, my mother is always yelling at me. Everyday. It gets annoying, and I cannot wait to move out. I used to be really close to my mother, until I hit thirteen.. from then on.. the path to adulthood has been one hell of a ride.

    The reason I pose these questions is because I thought it was only me experiencing this crap. But I asked a few other people, and surprisingly they were all going through the same thing. Do you think it is because you reached high school, so other students influence your behavior?

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    Re: Teenage Years

    Mine were pretty turbulent, but for other reasons. Early high school (14/15 roughly), we discovered my alergies were the reason for my, exhadurated emotions during Primary School. So, I was put on a diet of no chocolate, sugar, pork amongst other things. It was such a shift from my usual diet, I literally went through withdrawal symptoms!

    For the rest of my high school life, years 8 through 12, my lunch was nothing but tuna on bread. MADDENING!!!! Especially when all the bullies called it "Snappy Tom", a local cat food. Some of the anger for those bullies I unwillingly transfered over to my parents. I was far less than the easiest person to get along with at times.

    However, they stuck by me the whole time. Sometimes they were public enemy No.1, especially when they first sent me cold turkey, but they hung in there. My Dad & I butted heads more times than a flock of goats, & I've given up trying to count me Mum's grey hairs LOOOOOONNNNNGGGGG ago , but they were always there for me.

    It might not seem it, but they are looking out for you. Just like almost every Teen out there (& all the others are freeks who need serious help ), you're instinctively trying to find your place in the world, while your parents are just trying to guide you through it the best they can. Things are different now compared to when they were kids, so they might not always get it right, but cut them some slack. Heck, it's changed a lot from when I was a teen, & I'm only 25!!

    Last, but definatly NOT least, be grateful to have your parents. My Dad died about 2 years ago, which means my sister, who is 15, won't be able to have him help her out when needed. I do what I can, but I'll never be able to fill the Father roll the same way Dad did. She gets along with our Mum really well thought. I know I said all those who get along with their parents need help & are freeks, & I'm still saying it. After all, I'm looking after her . As I say to her every now & again, "You have done well, my apprentace..." in a suitable tone...
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    Wish I could get on here more often. *Sigh* The down side to night shift...

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    Re: Teenage Years

    Oh my teen years!!! I wasn't close at all with my parents... now I realize that they were right 99.99999% of the time... it was me the one that did not want to acccept that I was wrong.... I (like any other teen) thought that the world was sorounding me.... Actually I am glad to have left the stage a;ready.... *sight* I enjoyed a lot of moments tho... but I really don't wanna go back...
    Now I have a great realtionship with my parents! Now we are able to talk and negociate.
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    Re: Teenage Years

    my teen years? im still a teen, but everything was the same up until the end of 11th grade when i started caring about things. lifes pretty much a mental hell for me know as i try to figure out who i am and what i believe on a daily basis.

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    Re: Teenage Years

    I'm still a teenager, so it'll be a few more years before I can really "look back" on my teenage years, so to speak. As it is, though, I've led a pretty average life as a teenager in a fairly conservative family in a very conservative country. I've had my share of being yelled at by my parents; I've been slapped and scolded but never grounded (whew!); I've had times when I could just bitch about a certain someone the whole day long; I've gotten into loads of quarrels with loads of people... but bad stuff aside, I've had a lot of opportunities as well. I've met a lot of great people (as well as not-so-great people) in the past few years who, in some way or other shaped a small part of me; I've taken part in all sorts of contests; I've traveled a good deal; I got the green light from my parents to go to film school; I've become more religious.

    An average teenage life, I'd say? I'm probably one of the less sociable teens, but it's not like I'm autistic or anything. At least I know how to speak in layman's terms.

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    Re: Teenage Years

    HI Lavie-san~~~! *waves* <^w^>
    This is my last year being a teenager and from time to time, I would recall back some of my school memories.
    I can sum up that my youth has been a total waste because I never put my heart into doing the things that I always wanted to do. <u_u>
    The friends I had were all right. Though I didn't felt like I totally blended in. It was empty through out my teenage years. Guys and relationships didn't happen for sheep and ... baa~ <T_T> However, I won't deny that there were glorious and fun times I had with my 'comrades'. <^v^>/~
    We did lots of stupid things such as hiding under tables in a forbidden building just to get away from pesky school prefects. Also, we messed up at one of the 7-11 outlets.<n_n> It was very youthful of us to behave that way, right?
    As for parents, I try not to talk to them at all because I don't believe in lashing my feelings and troubles to them or anyone else. It was tough as they would not listen to me just because I am merely half their age.
    Now... I'm living with my mother. I don't get along with her so well because of our differences... She's always in the jovial mood and likes to talk where else I am always in the bad-languid mood and hates to talk or converse.
    Baa.. I shouldn't expose too much of my personal life.

    Do you think it is because you reached high school, so other students influence your behavior?
    No. I was not influence by anyone or of that sort. I am naturally born with this lonesome and stray black sheep behavior. <^x^> Baa~
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    Re: Teenage Years

    ~.~ the worse times of my life... i wanna skip this period quickly -.-

    Legion Ketsueki Lives on~!!
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    Re: Teenage Years

    Hmm. im still teen so i guess my prarent relationship is good. i dont talk to my dad very much except on the weekends when he comes home, and my mom and i do lots of girl stuff. well go shopping and talk about stuf other then school. It annoys me, "how was your day?" "how was school?" "what did you do today?" "what do you have for homework?". OMG. my friends even do that.
    anyway theres myfriends who are all buttheads but i love them super. anyone has relationship problems, and turn all her boyfriends emo, which affects me cuz they come whining for advice, and then my friend is non-talk for a week. i wanna scream at her sometimes. my other friend is really funny, but she jsut broke up with her thai Boyfriend and now hes being a butthead to her. oh my god teens have problems, but im one so maybe i have stuff i didnt complain about. nah not really
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