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Thread: Teenagers Avoiding Parents?

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    Re: Teenagers Avoiding Parents?

    teenagers avoiding parents..it's pretty common.. and there are a surplices of answers for such a subject like this... but it all depends on the situation that is at play and the different prospectives within it...
    well truthfully i never really had to avoid my parents they kinda did with me.. when it got to the point where they didn't feel as if they could add any incentive to my questions or problems.. they kinda just stopped paying attention..lol... it's quite humorous from my view when i would try to explain something to them and they would try to help i would repeat it once more ...figuring that they didn't hear me correctly the first time.... lol then they would get mad and tell me to stop being a smart ass... i guess they couldn't understand what i was asking.. so from then on they don't really ask me when they think something is the matter .. i guess they just gave up on trying to deduce what i was implying..lol
    but i guess the matter of them avoiding me doesn't really pertain all that clearly..hm.. well anyway i go to my friends for advice if the need arises...they seem to have a better understanding of what im going trough and maybe that's the main reason why teenagers avoid their parents maybe they don't feel..the same level of understanding is being provided for them as it once was during childhood....what can i say..life is complicated..^^

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    Re: Teenagers Avoiding Parents?

    Well life can be so complicated that nearly two- thousands teens take their lives away. I just have never seen anything like this before having teens just run away from parents in that many years that were from common symptoms as anxiety, depression, sudden change in personality.

    I know that everyone does run away in some point of their lives but c'mon there are always mistakes given by each and every livin' person around the world *mere* I truly understand of what it feels like to simply run away from parents that lack in interest and as well with respect at home.

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