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Thread: tell me

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    tell me

    i asked this question because i want to see all here in AO what he/she love or what he/she hate for me i hate many things and love a lot of things like:
    ***what i love:
    1.. TV and anime
    2.. friends and my family
    3.. animals
    4.. drawing and all this stuffs
    5.. toys and my teddy
    i love many thing .... what about you
    ***what i hate:
    1.. treason and unfaithful
    2.. understanding me wrong
    3.. scary movies
    4.. sometimes study
    what about you ....... =^_^=
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    Re: tell me

    Well let’s see.
    I like:
    1. Anime, manga, and TV
    2. Book, one with a good story
    3. Games
    4. Friends and Family
    5. Sometimes school if I'm having a good day

    And things I hate:
    1. Someone telling me what to do as if I'm their pet
    2. People that think that everyone is beneath them
    3. Idiots and not just stupid people, sometimes them too
    4. Annoying people that won't stop talking after the topic is done with
    5. Burls sprouts

    That sums me up I guess.
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    Re: tell me

    Please refrain from posting list threads. Take a look at the rules and the recent Posting 101 announcement for some guidance.

    Anime Online - FAQ: GENERAL RULES

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