This is bassically I type a narrtive-and you choose some type of action-the majority will win.

Tribes: The Text Adventure

Mission Briefing: You are part of the Marauders-an Elite Mercenary unit operating in the Tribal Wilderzone, taking jobs from the various factions and otherwise making a pretty penny plus causing a little mayhem in the process.

Your team was sent on assignment after being hired by the Starwolves to investigate a loss of contact on an ice planet called Tyr?s Cradle-a frostbitten hellhole of a planet where temperatures can suddenly shift from 5 degrees to two hundred below. Since you?re the new guy, you got left on the ship to monitor the communication and secure the LZ-one boring job. After making sure that no one who wasn?t supposed to be there wasn?t there-not to mention you nearly froze your ass off-you went back into the nice warm cockpit and leaned over the console, a hot steaming cup of joe beside you.


"Yo! We?re cracking open the inner doors now-holy shit! Are you seeing this?"

"What a blood bath! Bodies everywhere!"

"What the **** happened here? I got two guys, both of em looked like they was chewed on!"

"Two more over here captain!"

"Alright, take up defensive positions-hey! Over there! Movement in the shadows!"

"Oi! You-what the hell-ARRRGGHHH!" (The sound of some kind of electrical weapon going off)

"Daniel?" (A chaingun starts spinning up) "Shoot that son of a bitch!"

(Gunshots, Screams)

"Jake! Jake where the hell are you man-oh shit!" (BANG! BANG! BANG!)


More Gunshots.



Sounds like your buddies are all dead. You stare, trying desperately to hail someone, but no one answers. Thoroughly numbed and unsure of what to do, you begin to get a sense of your surroundings.


Semi-Powered Armor
Needle Pistol
20 Needle Shots
Repair Patch

What do you do?