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Thread: They had my diploma!!! O_O

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    Question They had my diploma!!! O_O

    Ok, so heres my story.

    Last night i went to the highschool to watch my freinds graduate (seniors), and they started announcin the names of three year grads, and wat do you know? My name was among the 3 yr grads.

    So i was like wtf? O_o

    i had decided not to graduate early, so i failed half an elective credit to purposely not leave early.

    Yet after the ceremony i checked with the counselors out back were all the real diplomas were, and mine was actually there!!!! O_O

    And they dont know what happened, cuz either they messed up the credit check on me, or a credit i got from middle school for high school actually counts as a credit that they said didnt earlier on in the year.

    Wat does everyone think i should do?

    (i didnt take it last night, i told my counselors to do another credit check and make sure everything is legid)

    i wonder though, if it is legid, and i could take it home, should i take it?

    or go to school for another semester?

    Im worried cuz right now i dont have money to attend a university, or scholarship, which i was planning on obtaining next sem.

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    Re: They had my diploma!!! O_O

    Grumble Grumble Grumble

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