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Thread: things that have changed since have grown?

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    Re: things that have changed since have grown?

    During the first 18 years of my life, plenty of change was around me. But........during the past 6 years, nothing has changed for me. Stuck in Limbo while the world around me moved at light speed, it seems.

    Well, now, I'm ready for some change that I can believe in and I'm gonna get it,dammit!

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    Re: things that have changed since have grown?

    Things that have changed as I have gotten older?.... hmmm.... lets see...

    Well I got this tattoo when I was 18. Its of a lizard... the lizard sits on the front of my shoulder and its tail hangs down and wraps around my.... well... at any rate....

    The lizard seems to have scooted lower and lower. Its tail gets longer and longer. Yeah.... in about 10 years the damned thing will reach my belly button.
    ... Not Ever Again...

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    Re: things that have changed since have grown?

    Well a lot of things technology wise has changed, like going from one of the first Nintendos, to the Wii.Huge difference there.

    Umm....lets see, they took away candy cigerrates, because they were a bad influence. Now I can't find them anywhere. Then you know the usual stuff like fashion trends, fads, and so on.

    Biggest change for me recently, was going from day shift to night shift. The lack of sleep is getting to me.

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    Re: things that have changed since have grown?

    I saw chocolate cigars in a San Francisco chocolate shop. Bought them for my sister.

    What has changed? Cell phones changed my life. When I get lost or are in a traffic jam I can call for help. Didn't have that before so people worried where i was and couldn't call me.

    I remember playing Pong when I was six. Video games went a long way since then. I remember Voltron and Mazinger Z and Candy Candy being the only anime I watched.

    I remember washing dishes by hand before the dishwashing machine. I remember mom using a rack for scrubbing clothes before washing/dryer machines. She'd hang the wet clothes on a rope.

    The first computers were black with green type. I used a commodore 64. lol. They had loud ugly beeps.

    I remember the 80s with the hairspray and Micheal Jackson jackets. Sis wanted to look like Madonna before her fake British accent.

    Sis was so into Duran Duran. I liked the Bangles. I wore too much make-up and watched the Cosby Show. Now I watch Desperate Housewives and HGTV.

    There was no internet. When we had our first internet it was AOL with that weird modem that made a strange noise. Now we have high speed DSL with road runner. (Much better).

    We used to live in North Hills. Now we live in Oxnard where it is near the beach and the weather didn't necessitate air cons. Great move.

    Sis is trying to get her degree. I went from majoring in art to retail. I still like movies.. but have blu-ray now. Netflix isn't reliable so watch You Tube for a bunch of reasons.

    My parents are getting older and are in the Philippines. Still head to Vegas, which is getting more affordable since the recession.

    Major change is that I voted for Obama. First time I voted. I'm looking to have more friends around Oxnard and party. Trying to get over my shyness. Turn to God and religion. Avoiding wasting my money.

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