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Thread: Things that are over rated

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    Post Things that are over rated

    1: TWILIGHT!!!!! - The book sucks, it drags on and it's just flat out terrible. Get over it.
    2:The Emo Style : Sure it's sweet sure it looks cool, but why is it now that EVERYBODY has to be emo??? just cause you got money and you don't really fit into any specific clique, it doesn't necessarily make you "emo''
    3: Comics like; Naruto, Bleach, and Prince of Tennis.- Naruto is one of my favorite animes, but damn, it's not that great. Not to mention, the series just kinda drags on and on for all of these.
    4:Reality TV : "Let's put a buncha people together and see how well they do when they go through something that thousands of people do everyday!!"
    5:Being Fake: Really? You can't just be yourself? It's not all that hard, just stop letting other people run your life.
    6:Myspace, Facebook,etc...: The websites were all the fake people gather...

    So, yeah, I'm done babbling on about this stuff, add more if you wish

    I am Nobody, Nobody is perfect, therefore, I am PERFECT

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    Re: Things that are over rated

    I suggest becoming an elite member first and then regurgitating all of that in your journal.
    There's enough frustration on the internet as it is.

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